We Need To Talk About Eggbert

It all started with an innocent joke. Someone said that we will probably have a boss fight countdown for the eggs. Like the one, we had for the FIFA event.

Right then and there Eggbert was born. He was born ready to fight in the raids.

Eggbert by Xyr

Everyone fell in love with Eggbert. He was the hero we needed. And the hero we deserved.

Shortly after Eggbert turned into a telegram sticker. Perfect for any occasion.

There is a thing about our community that we adore. If there is something cool, even the coolest thing you have ever seen. Cutieneers will take it a step further.

Next thing we knew, we meet the angry Eggbert.

It was everything!

And now we even have a cheering Eggbert!

And there is more!

Cutieneers, Eggbert wants you to have this sticker pack! Download it here and don’t forget to congratulate Xyr on giving birth to a legend.

Keep rocking, keep exploring and see ya on Blockchain Cuties!

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