Cyber Security Fundamentals Webinar

This week we are pleased to share with you our first series of free cyber security webinars on Cyber Security Fundamentals.

Starting Friday 31st of August at 9pm London time our founder Patrick Lismore will be presenting a free 30 minute cyber security webinar giving useful information that can be applied to almost any online business.

Cyber Security Fundamentals Webinar

The free 30 minute webinar will cover the following;

Resources for rich information on threats & vulnerabilities

Awareness is fundamental to good cyber security, as a leader in an industry that is highly targeted by cyber criminals being hooked into to sources of threat intelligence keeps you, your team and your organisation informed. If your team and organisation are aware then you can educate your customers and ensure they do not get compromised.

How to prioritise threats and risks when developing and releasing software

Releasing software that is not secure in the Blockchain industry is not an option. When dealing with millions of dollars in digital assets that will be the target of cyber criminals requires a consistent, repeatable activity designed to embed security into your software development life cycle.

How to prepare for a Cyber attack

If you wait until you are targeted by cyber criminals to react it may be to late. The damage may already be done. Preparing ahead of time for common cyber attacks so if your team start to notice indicators or compromise or signs of a cyber attack they can implement what you had planned. We will discuss how you can prepare with some concrete actions.

In addition to giving this high valued cyber security information all participants that join the webinar will receive a free 22 page Cyber Security Best Practice Guide. This is packed full of powerful information that can be applied today to help mitigate cyber attacks and reduce the impact of being hacked.

See you on the webinar, sign up here.