Blockchain EXE & ConsenSys Presents “Ethereum Hackathon for Inbound” (Part 2)

Blockchain EXE & ConsenSys Presents “Ethereum Hackathon for Inbound”

Blockchain hackathon on the theme of inbound took place for three days from 20th to 22nd July 2018. High level hackathon had been heated up and unfolded,16 teams were chosen among many entries. Now reporting on the second half of the final representation.

9. Okonomi

Although it is convenient in world wide, but we like to propose a solution to solve the complication of train transfer for the oversea tourists by using blockchain.

How it works

  • Post the route with photos
  • Token is awarded if it is helpful to the user
  • Revitalize cities and rural area by token awards
  • By giving token to the cities and rural area, could revitalize the local areas.

As a countermeasure against malicious posts and reviews, we are thinking of incentive design with “dislike” function.

As a result, we introduce a demonstration on train route guidance from Yamanote line to Inokashira line.

10. Team Nanjo “DQN Rejector”

We are introducing the DQN Rejector application that uses uPort to show whether the tourists bad records of making pranks during the past visit to Japan.


  • Tourists can not enjoy the service because there are tourists with bad manners.
  • Prejudice against foreign tourists
  • Can not grasp entrance / exit
  • It is necessary to grasp the habitual offender and others in the whole industry

How it works

  1. Able to grasp on the habitual offender in the whole industry
  2. If you have done an act that create inconvenience to the other tourists or disturb the tourist spots, then the tour operator will send DQN points to the address that associated with the person’s uPort.
  3. The sightseeing spot side can restrict admission according to the holding amount of tourists DQN points and also take caution on people need to be aware.

“DQN’s criteria evaluation” , “ recover method for received points”, “utilize collected data” as the next topic.

11. NinjaCoin “P2P medical records translation network for anywhere hospital in the world”

it is said that in medical tourism, intermediaries, who do matching between the hospitals from different countries, keep medical information from hospitals and e-medical records company from being shared and utilized by others.


The following is the flow of a distributed system or distributed prescription records that can manage, translate and buy your own medical records using blockchain.

1. Have the medical records key-in by translators or doctors.

2. Translation from Chinese to English, validate by inspector

3. If 80% of the inspections are OK then the translation is complete.

4. As the next step, the medical records are sold in a form of separated personal information.

A comment was given by a jury saying that “Although it is a wonderful idea for the medical industry with a lot of analogues, I think that is considerably hard for medial society in Japan to move, so how to take the first place is going to be important.”

12. Influ “Exchange Promotion Service”

We are presenting a service that bring incentives for shy Japanese to able to communicate with foreigners which actively wish to communicate with Japanese.

Topic → Solutions

1. [Problem] Even if foreigner come to Japan, I do not have the chance to interact with them.

2. [Solution] Provides application that provide opportunity to communicate

3. [impact] Revitalize the community / link with second visit

Why use Blockchain?

We developed a service that uses blockchain to prove on the fact that “I did interact with that person”.

Other than that, we add in the concept of making into a fun service by putting in some game elements.

“i think is fun to see the interaction between a 190cm Russian and a 80 years old lady to exchange gifts from their trip.” which was an interesting idea of virtual and real collaboration.

13. Dockyard “Night Pass”

Since the nightlife of tokyo is considered high level compared to worldwide, hence we created a service that allow everyone to have a smooth nightlife.

Solution that Night Pass provides

  • Able to verify your identity without a passport
  • Do not have to pay cash
  • Advance ticket purchase
  • Research on club information collectively

As the many young tourists from abroad come, so we developed an application to let them have a smooth planning.

There was a comment saying “The mechanism that do not allow store that do not have physical store to register and sell ticket.”

14. ginpay “Provision of a travel plan optimized for individual”

Problem Awareness

  • Correspond to diversity
  • Correspond to decentralization

Service Features

  • Provide a travel plan and give a token according to its evaluation.
  • The amount of token will be different according to the famous degree of tourist spots.

Through this incentive design, it has became a PR in areas other than tourist cities such as Tokyo and Osaka, which resulted in local revitalization.

15. Cipher “Quick Pass Token”

We are creating a convenience service call Quick Pass so that we do not have to wait in queue, and able to enjoy throughout the whole travelling.

Features of Quick Pass

  • Able to sell the ticket individually that was bought using uPort when decided not to go to the store
  • Token is given to reports on the length of queue

Regarding the question on “What is the mechanism of getting a token?”, our response to that “It is still in the implementation stage, but there is a screen display for purchasing token.” It was a team with very high degree of service completion.


We offered a service to simplify reservation system using uPort.

Things you need during your stay

  • Booking confirmation
  • Identification
  • Medical prescription
  • Key

The necessity of being able to make settlement at various timings will be the future topic.

>>First half of the presentation

Blockchain EXE hackathon “Judges / Supporter” Comment

First prize was given to Hi-Con team’s “Gakusei” which is a student identification service that can be used globally. As for the Blockchain EXE award, it is given to Gastronomy Club ‘s “Wi-Fi Sharing Service”. Overall we have very high level presentations, it’s a very close battle.

At the end of Hackathon, we received various comment from the judges / supporters on the participants.

Aya Miyaguchi | Exective Director at Ethereum Foundation

Because of the focus on using uPorts, I came to realize the importance of the topic of how to utilize personal authentication. I think it would be possible to create even better services just by combining some of those that were presented. I am happy to say that, compared to the Ethereum Hackathon I attended in 2016, Blockchain shows great advancement in its field.

Danny Zuckerman | uPort Strategy & Operations

I really enjoyed the three days I participated. Since community is so important for uPort, I enjoyed hearing all the great presentations showing how everyone is working hard together to create new ideas and products.

Yutaka Sawamoto | J&JGroup, Producer

There were so many great ideas, it surprised me to see all the fun jobs there are out there. It’s been a while since I’ve seen such a great Hackathon! I wish I could have stayed longer and heard more presentations. If you ever have the time, I’d love it if you could come by our office to tell us about your services.

Kames Cox-Geraghty | uPort Fullstack Developer

Over these three days I responded to many different questions and ideas, it was a lot of fun. Since all these ideas are attractive, really hope that it can be realized.

Kazuaki Ishiguro | Head of EEA Japan

I felt very energized after seeing everyone putting in their best effort. While I was doing the code review, i felt that “I need to go to buy a beer after Hackathon,” but since now is closed. Hackathon finished successfully, I think I can get my beer now.

Takuya Sawada | KDDI, Director of Product Strategy Division

When the services like uPort has expanded, it makes me think deeply into how to utilize it and what kind of topic will happen for the development of using this service. It was wonderful that I was able to listen to all this presentation.

Keiichiro Inaba | Hitachi, Ltd., Members of Open Innovation Promotion Office

One sad thought I had was, “why am I sitting in the audience and not with the other participants?” I believe that, in addition to giving presentations, creating a product and then testing it through trial and error can be very valuable. Ideas do not succeed by themselves. While considering many points of view, it is fun to be able to create many use case. Moreover, in order to survive as a business, I hope that you do not only aim for big goals, but also take in consideration from the point of customers and services.

In addition to restore the right of data to the individuals in blockchain, we also hope to build up trust in transaction unit. I am looking forward to everyone’s future success.

Atsushi Ishii | Blockchain EXE Representive, Couger CEO

Everyone from Etherem’s main group participated, making this a very valuable Hackathon. This time the evaluation criteria included planning, technological ability, novelty, and pitch, and we chose these criteria because Blockchain can’t be implemented due to societal implementation still not progressing unless all of them are fully met.

At Blockchain EXE, we hold Blockchain EXE events every month, gain skills by putting them to practical use through Blockchain EXE Code, learn law through Blockchain EXE Legal, and manage many other such communities for acquiring necessary knowledge and skills. We are already planning a second one, and we hope to see you there. We are thinking of holding a second round, thank you for your continuous support.

Jim Maricondo | ConsenSys, Japan Business Development Lead

ConsenSys is working to spread next generation, distributed applications throughout the world. We’re also starting an accelerator program. If you are interested in developing and implementing your services, please apply! Thank you for the great presentations.

Inbound Hackathon using Ethereum has been a success

Despite the very short time of 3 days, it was a high level Hackathon. Holding Hackathon this time was an idea from the community members of Blockchain EXE. Although various problem has occured, it resulted in wonderful contents and it was able to be end with great success.

Blockchain EXE is also promoting activities not only in Japan but also at oversea. In order to accelerate product development in Japan, We hope to continue various actions in the future.