Blockchain EXE San Francisco (part 1)

Hello everyone! Blockchain EXE was held in San Francisco on 12 October 2018. Here is the local report regarding this event. This is the second time Blockchain EXE was held in San Francisco this year.

This is San Francisco

There are many old-fashioned buildings still coexisting with new buildings.

Speaking of San Francisco, many people might have heard of Silicon Valley. Did you know that the reason it got this name was that during the 1960s there were many semiconductor companies that used silicon as their main material that gathered around San Jose, south of San Francisco.

Silicon Valley is now famous for having corporate headquarters such as Apple, Intel, Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc. But in recent years, Blockchain enterprises and developers have been expanding as well.

You can find a more detailed introduction in May’s “Why is Blockchain EXE in San Francisco?" (San Francisco Blockchain’s latest issue).

In the Bay Area, new venture companies and projects are created one after another, just as the motto “Done is better than perfect.” The United States is known as the leader in the Blockchain industry, and while NY is famous for its focus on investment, SF is known for its many technical startups. Engineering skills are almost a prerequisite for working in SF, and those who also have marketing and management skills are able to drive promising projects. Having just visited Stanford University, I can see that there are many talented people here in SF.

With hilly streets and sunlight as bright as a country in the south, everywhere you turn looks picturesque.

There are slopes everywhere!

Tourist attractions such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Fisherman’s Wharf, and Twin Peaks often appear in movies, and SF is also the stage of many popular TV series such as “Dharma & Greg,” “Full House,” and “Monk.” There is an old Chinatown (1860s) where we can see many Chinese people in every part of the town.

There are many Chinese people, especially in San Francisco.

Not only China, but SF also has a history of accepting many immigrants from other parts of Asia and Latin America; statistics show that 35% of the citizens are immigrants.

I found a cafe that serves delicious coffee, Sightglass.

If Jack Dorsey invests in something, that means it must be stylish.

Here is the cafe that the founder of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, invested in!

Square & Coffee!?

When it comes to Philz Coffee, you think about how successful SF entrepreneurs and coffee are inseparable.

At the venue of Blockchain EXE, the unthinkable happens…

In front of the ConsenSys office in San Francisco. Trolleybuses that look like trains in Japan are everywhere in the central area of San Francisco. If you go up the building with the blue bottle logo, you find a new facility with bright, spacious rooms.

The venue is now ready for the fun! The venue is equipped with a very smart system that allows video screening on the TV as well as recording with ZOOM.

Spring rolls and dumplings were served with icy cold beer.

However, just as the event is about to start, “DoDoDoDoDoDoDo….” there was a terrible sound…

No, God didn’t just suddenly appear. It turns out that there happened to be some construction right above the venue. With the unexpectedly loud and endless drilling, not a word of the presentation could be heard. After a quick discussion, everyone decided to move the meeting to a small open room nearby.

Moving to a new meeting room, thanks to Andreas’ clever idea! “Hey guys! Grab your beers and let’s go!”

Once everyone had their beers and had settled into the new meeting room, Andreas brought the meeting to an open with a bright and cheerful, “Alright, let’s get this Blockchain EXE started!” This Meetup began with a summary of “happenings” that rarely occur in Japan. Actually, I wonder whether being able to enjoy such news in a positive way may be one of the secrets to the US’s success. I rather think everyone truly enjoyed this environment.

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