Blockchain EXE San Francisco (part 3)

4. ConsenSys Researcher Carol Xu

After getting her Doctorate at Stanford University, Xu became very interested in Blockchain’s decentralized technology and now uses Blockchain in her job at a public agency.

Even now she continues to work on understanding people, jobs, technology, and learning how Blockchain can be used to demonstrate all the possibilities of humankind.

Xu started off her talk by giving a basic introduction to Blockchain and Ethereum and moving on from there.

Xu’s job involves providing Blockchain solutions to public institutions designing smart cities, but she says that beyond that her job description is not particularly clear. In the move toward smart cities, she very strongly believes that Blockchain technology is the key.

5. ConsenSys Product Marketing and Business Development Brett Li

In addition to being an engineer at ConsenSys, Li is an expert at B2B business with extensive experience selling new products. He has a hand in product promotion, demonstration, content, analysis, and even the actual sale.

Li also does government-related work on smart cities. In his talk, he introduced use-case in Blockchain technology.

6. ConsenSys West Coast Director Alex Voto

Voto was our moderator for this event. Honestly speaking, there could be no better moderator for a Blockchain event than him.

Voto works for Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, a sponsor for working groups in the Blockchain industry, as well as technical partnering with ConsenSys’s enterprise solution team. Just recently he helped out with EEA’s LA working group for telephone companies and a telecom work session that brought together telephone companies from around the world.

The Blockchain industry brings together people and capital of all kinds of fields ー from economics, to engineering, to government.


Blockchain EXE comes to San Francisco for the second time (here’s the first one).

It’s been six months since the last Blockchain EXE in March, and there’s something I noticed again this time in San Francisco. I felt it during the Stanford University Meetup as well ー all the participants have an incredible level of awareness and understanding!

This event included many people experienced with Blockchain, FinTech, and technology, so of course the questions, topics of interest, and discussions were stimulatingly complex. San Francisco is definitely becoming more and more significant to the world of Blockchain. I hope to visit San Francisco much more from now on, and I’d love to see more and more events and exchanges such as this connecting Japan and the US.