Blockchain EXE’s Event in Paris | How will Blockchain and AI change the world?

To further discussions on the topic of AI and blockchain, Blockchain EXE hosted a blockchain event in Paris on 7th March. It was held at the ConsenSys Auditorium and about a hundred people were in attendance to listen to speakers from technology companies like ConsenSys and Couger.

France has been branding itself as a leading AI country through its “France is AI” activities. Both Facebook and Google have established AI research centres there and the EthCC event takes place in Paris in March. ConsenSys also has a Paris office.

All this leads to many blockchain enthusiasts from all over the world gathering in Paris, so it made a lot of sense for Blockchain EXE to host their second European event in Paris, after their first in Madrid.

One quarter of the audience were from the blockchain industry, while a fifth were from start-ups. Over 8% were in the AI business, with the remaining 42% from a mix of industries including IT, healthcare, and finance.

Apart from the exciting line-up of speakers, the event included good discussions, networking and excellent finger food and drinks.

Nicolas Maurice — Lead Developer at ConsenSys

The evening was kicked off by full stack software engineer and blockchain expert Nicolas Maurice who presented his insights on the intersection between AI and blockchain. He highlighted their similarities and differences in use cases, basic tasks, computation, hardware, and data volume.

Nicolas’ six use cases included trading bots, building data marketplaces, and decentralised training for AI models. He underlines that the AI and blockchain aren’t competing technologies, because many great solutions involve integrating the two.

Atsushi Ishii — CEO of Couger, Leader of Connectome Project, creating Virtual Human Agent

Atsushi Ishii — CEO of Couger, Leader of Connectome Project, creating Virtual Human Agent

Experienced in search engine development, as well as AI, Atsushi had much to share about next-generation human-technology interfaces which combine AI, AR, and blockchain.

Technology interfaces have been evolving rapidly, from laptops to smartphones to speakers. Atsushi thinks that virtual human agents (VHAs) will be next, because what better interface than a human-like one? He showed Connectome’s VHA demonstration video, the overview of virtual human architecture, as well as use cases for the general public.

Kazuaki Ishiguro — Chief Blockchain Architect at Couger, Japan Regional Head of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Kazuaki Ishiguro — Chief Blockchain Architect at Couger, Japan Regional Head of Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

The next speaker was Kazuaki Ishiguro, an expert in blockchain and AI. He talked about Connectome’s goal of bringing the world of Blade Runner to life through reliable data and AI.

He elaborated on the VHA created by Connectome, and the AI outline that is commonly used. As many people are sceptical about the security and trustworthiness of AI, Connectome focuses using a GeneFlow that ensures a safe and secure user experience. His talk covered other concerns and solutions based around VHAs.

Lucian Boca — API Product Lead at Alethio, ConsenSys

Lucian Boca — API Product Lead at Alethio, ConsenSys

Lucian shared information about his company, Alethio, and its aim to streamline the access to high-quality real-time Etherum data. His talk was about the decentralisation, privacy, and interplay of data.

The highlighted problems were reorgs and probabilistic finality, contract activity introspection, transaction & log indexing, and syncing. He then shared the possible solution, The Ethereum Ontology, a system that tackles tough problems but is still accessible to the general public.

Amira Bouguera — Crytopgraher & Blockchain Engineer at ConsenSys

Amira Bouguera — Crytopgraher & Blockchain Engineer at ConsenSys

Amira’s speech captured the audience’s attention, and not just because it was titled “HellHound Project”. Said project was created to provide a decentralised computing environment with cryptographic tools that will enable decentralised application developers to implement privacy by design.

Big companies collect data that can easily be leaked — Facebook exposed data on up to 87 million users while 23andMe shared over 5 million customers’ data. Amira then brought up how AI could help and highlighted how HellHound uses AI machine learning to protect and manage data.

The finale

Once the speakers had their say, there was a panel discussion that allowed the audience to interact with the experts. Amira did not manage to stay on for this segment, but Gilles Fedak, CEO and Co-founder of iExec joined the team as a panellist.

Kazuaki was the moderator while the other three men provided their answers and insights. They delved into the questions within the topics of AI and blockchain for about 20 minutes, and the event came to a close.

Over 90% of attendees were either satisfied or very satisfied with the event, with most showing keen interest towards blockchain and AI.

Writer : Carissa Wong