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Oct 27, 2018 · 3 min read

Chainge Technology Salon #5 — Atsushi Ishii and Building the Smart, Blockchain-powered Interface Between Human and Machine

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AI will be in every device or machine. We do not have time to constantly evaluate if the AI is correct or not. Hence, blockchain is needed in order to build the infrastructure to ensure, amongst other things, automatic reliability in the smart interfaces that will define how we interact with technology.

That is the one-paragraph summary of some of the work carried out by Atsushi Ishi, CEO and co-founder, and his team at Couger. Together, the have built Connectome, a technology that makes smart spaces a reality by combining AI, AR, and blockchain.

Ishii presented Connectome and his vision of the future of man and technology at the 11th Technology Salon “Chain” — Chain/ AI at Shanghai Jiaoda Huigu Training Centre on 16 September 2018. It was organized by Blockchain EXE × 8BTC together with TomatoWallet, Bytom and Cortex.

“Chainge” is an offline event started by 8 BTC — the most influential independent platform for bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency news in China — to focus on blockchain’s hotspot discussion and communication between industries and companies. By hosting offline meetups, hackathons, blockchain summits, the organisers hope to help industry experts create high quality content, collaboration and promote the dissemination of knowledge and innovation in the field of blockchain.

The Future Challenge

In the near future, billions of devices and machines will be connected with each other in real time. AI systems will be an integral part of most, if not all, of them . Humans will not have the time constantly interact with the AIs and need a central platform that not only lessens the number of decisions every individual needs to make but also guarantees safe exchange of data between systems, as well as systems and humans.

This is the central challenge that Connectome aims to solve. Currently, Couger is focusing on two aspects of the challenge: the new interface for the future and how to ensure reliability of the data and AI.

Via Connectome, the interface with devices can now change in time — for example from smartphone to smart speaker. Interaction happens via a virtual human agent (VHA). The VHA functions in real time and is connected to appliances that it can control. In the on-stage demo, a member of Couger’s staff asked the VHA to ‘come here’, prompting the VHA to move from a PC application to mobile application. Furthermore, the VHA can even recognize object around ‘her’ when the mobile is moved around. The VHA know everyone’s schedule and can inform staff about their meeting schedule. The VHA possesses sight and sound, understands space and objects, is able to converse smoothly, reacts in real-time, and has feeling and continuous memory similar to humans. A research article states that 60% of autistic patients responded that is easier for them to communicate with virtual human than real human, illustrating that the potential of virtual human is high.

Secondly, there is a need to ensure the reliability of data and AI. For example, Amazon’s Alexa smart speaker will laugh by itself at random times and there is no explanation from Amazon regarding this issue. Couger have come up with the GeneFlow system, which can track the learning history and execution history about AI. All the history is saved in blockchain, leading to much improved possibility of tracking and analysing both data and the behaviour of a VHA.

Overview of GeneFlow

Geneflow technology uses blockchain to save the data, so that any alteration can be detected. In Geneflow architecture, there are three nodes: AI node, File node and Ethereum node.

  • AI node — AI execution, AI learning
  • File node — All AI data, learning model and algorithm is saved in the file node
  • Ethereum node — Saved history of learning and algorithm

Couger is opening the Connectome market and thereby enabling developers to create their own virtual human agents.

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