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Oct 26, 2018 · 3 min read
  1. Chainge Technology Salon #4 — Roc She and How AI Will Serve the Blockchain Community)
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AI lies at the heart of how blockchain communities can grow and become stronger, Roc She, the founder of Jarvis+, said during his presentation at the 11th Technology Salon “Chain” — Chain/ AI.

The event was held in Shanghai Jiaoda Huigu Training Centre on 16 September 2018. It was organized by Blockchain EXE × 8 BTC together with TomatoWallet, Bytom and Cortex.

“Chainge” is an offline event started by 8 BTC — the most influential independent platform for bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency news in China — to focus on blockchain’s hotspot discussion and communication between industries and companies. By hosting offline meetups, hackathons, blockchain summits, the organisers hope to help industry experts create high quality content, collaboration and promote the dissemination of knowledge and innovation in the field of blockchain.

Before founding Jarvis+, Roc She was an AI technical consultant for Microsoft China, with a focus on developing the next generation of Microsoft consumer product applications. He introduced Microsoft’s AI technology in various milestone project such as Youdao, CITIC, and Autohome. He is also committed to expanding Microsoft and domestic enterprises, including the Internet, technical cooperation, the Internet, and network application platforms.

Blockchain’s need for AI-powered Communities

AI’s importance in today’s world is tied to its ability to increase productivity, She said during his presentation.

This also applies to Jarvis +, a decentralized service of communication in any IM, web page, or application. It is also a personal token assistant and a powerful AI communication infrastructure that can be embedded into any blockchain use case scenario.

She explained that:

“The purpose of Jarvis+ is to serve blockchain community with AI. A community has to be managed. AI can be used to analyze data, and also lower the barrier as it can use natural language or voice, meaning that more people can join and share in the community.”

He continued:

“Blockchain allows for the process to be transparent, hence, we are able to get large amount of data that we can’t get last time as blockchain is transparent.“

For Jarvis+, the idea of “ Gamification” will help increase the activity of a given community and thereby improve the circulation of tokens. She hopes that AI will help break the communication barrier between people and help bring people together.

Services and Values of Jarvis+:

  • Assistant : Jarvis+ is a decentralized bot service. Jarvis+ is a personal assistant on the blockchain. Jarvis+ is an AI interactive engine that can be embedded on the blockchain.
  • Smart Contract: Jarvis+ is a smart contract creation tool that allows you to create smart contracts through Jarvis+, as long as you can speak or type in specific application scenarios.
  • Analyzer: Jarvis+ is an analyzer that helps you analyze the logic between blockchains and people and build real human relationships.
  • Traffic: Jarvis+ is person-to-person hub that helps partners connect to their users.

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