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Blockchain In Supply Chain Management

The supply chain is a huge network and it’s more complex than it was a decade ago. As of now, a payment, after being initiated by the supplier, takes days to reach the manufacturer. On the other hand, contractual agreements between parties need support from lawyers & banking systems. This results in the summing up of additional costs and time delay. Products are sometimes hard to track, leading to difficulties in eliminating item defects.

Whether it is machinery, consumer goods, medicines, food products, or online offerings, supply chains are still cumbersome.

What Are The Issues With The Current Supply Chain?

One major problem in the supply chain is Friction. Too many intermediaries, hefty back & forth processes, and the rise in uncertainty create lags in the supply chain and stops it from functioning well. A centralized organization acts as the intermediary between manufacturers & consumers and providers & clients. Obviously, simpler transactions become more complex, turning into lengthy, multi-step procedures. …

Are you afraid of the intermediary charges that your bank takes off from your pocket in fiat transactions? Here come the cryptocurrencies that can be traded across the globe with high speed, accuracy, and no intermediaries!

Do you remember? This is how cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and others were landed into the world! But, now why is the cryptocurrency exchange platform booming? Isn’t it contradictory to the ethics of cryptocurrency invention? The cryptocurrency was originally invented for the decentralized, peer-to-peer, safe, and secure transaction of assets across the globe without any time-lapse!

Now let’s take a deeper look into how centralized and P2P cryptocurrency exchanges operate and take off the intermediary charges from the traders! …

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How To Build A Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform

Imagine a world that is completely automated! What if there are apps that make everything simpler than we could imagine. Well, that’s the scenario already, but what if it came with the perks of decentralization and immutability?

Money transfers will no longer scare you off with the security flaws in the networks. You could do what you wish to do with just a tap on your phone, but this time with more security and privacy.

Well, this is what mobile app development on the blockchain has to offer you, in fact, a lot more than this.

We will shed light on the fundamentals of blockchain and how the key components are crucial to building a blockchain-based mobile application. …

Blockchain technology has been gaining rapid attention since the release of Bitcoin. Beyond backing digital currencies, blockchain is being implemented in conventional business applications across the globe. This article focuses on the four major industries where blockchain is employed to innovate & enhance fundamental business processes. Let’s see what industries are impacted by this powerful technology.

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1. Financial Sector

Blockchain’s security standards promote safety to the utmost level. The technology provides a secure platform for people & organizations to perform financial transactions from all parts of the globe. …

Literally, we are in the middle of the blockchain millennium. A lot of crypto enthusiasts believe that digital currencies are the next-gen frontier in the cosmos of finance. Initial Coin Offering or ICO is a new trend for startup companies or individuals to raise capital in the form of cryptocurrencies. For the past decade, the cryptocurrency prodigy has experienced dynamic variations with respect to the value, security functions, and ROI levels.

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How an ICO works?

Companies with their crypto-related ideas launch ICO to attract investors. A token or a digital coin is launched on behalf of the company and investors who are interested in the offering, buy the tokens in exchange for the cryptocurrencies. …

There exist many numbers of ways for a company to raise funds and use them for further development or expansion of businesses. A firm opting to raise capital can choose between a long wait for the profits to multiply or connect with an investor for financial support.

Initial Coin Offering or ICO is one of the dynamic ways to raise capital for individuals or startup companies operating with blockchain technology. ICO is similar to IPO, a traditional public offering. ICO allows enterprises to exchange unique cryptocurrency tokens with preexisting digital cryptocurrencies with potential investors.

When ICOs became a huge hit, lots & lots of fraudulent activities started to register on ICO projects that lead to the failure of ICOs. Because of this, blockchain developers & investors began to shift from ICO to a more powerful and highly efficient fundraising program, the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). …

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How Blockchain Can Transform the Healthcare Sector

Many people have heard about blockchain technology predominantly about its utilization in cryptocurrency. Alongside cryptocurrency, blockchain has reformed numerous areas, one such area is healthcare.

In the healthcare sector, Blockchain has been broadly commended for its capability to improve security, interoperability, privacy, and capacity to put patients at the focal point of the environment. A few handle this potential and its conceivable applications for the benefit of the medical sector. Blockchain gives a heap of chances to experimentation, testing and investment.

There are a few blockchain companies working on solutions to improve the records of private healthcare. Similarly to cryptocurrencies, an open key will be given to you instead of a name. …

ICO investments and projects have been great hits just before two or three years. But, as of now, fraudsters and other illegal brands dive in to raise only funds, not their project ideas into reality. Instead of blindly investing in ICO tokens or developing it without any clear vision, know the end-to-end process of professional ICO development and then proceed!

Here’s the end-to-end process of the ICO launch!

What is an ICO?

Initial Coin Offering(ICO) is the popular crowdfunding technique that is traded in exchange for fiat or popular cryptocurrencies by start-up or established businesses to proceed with new project ideas. …

Initial Decentralized Exchange Offering (IDEO) is better than an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO). This blog is to make you understand how to launch an IDEO and the benefits it provides for crypto investors.

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The Great Centralized Exchange Launchpad Race

Within a short span of time, most centralized cryptocurrency exchanges have moved on to the idea of decentralized exchanges. Literally, decentralized crypto exchanges have a dynamic potential to provide the exchanges with an added benefit — use cases.

Each exchange has its own set of rules that facilitate the exchange tokens to participate in an Initial Exchange Offering. Thus, holding more number of tokens gives participants additional benefits while participating. …

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For people who love the blockchain technology, the best thing is that it is determined to flip the whole Techworld upside down. If you love it, let me e’ en tell you that the change is inevitable no matter how hard anyone tries.

There are even better or best things happening in every industry. One such industry that experiences the paradigm shift in the supply chain and logistics. This entire blog will tell you how the supply chain industry suffers and what solutions the blockchain technology has.

Now back to the blockchain technology, for people who are yet to discover its basics. …


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