The power of anticipation

“It takes many years of practice and some taste and intelligence to make a buck do the things New York makes it do.”

I’ve been thinking about this phrase — which comes from the book Manhattan 45 by travel writer Jan Morris — a lot over the past days, while I’ve been in Manhattan for the NFT.NYC 2020 conference.

It’s a brilliant phrase, which says so much about how experiences are sold to us. In particular, while money is a key part of the logic — the subject even — the “buck” isn’t what’s most important.

What’s most important is…

What we learned from Crypto Game Conference Kiev 2019

The six months since the previous Crypto Game Conference — held in Minsk, Belarus — have been packed with news, but nothing significant has changed in the world of blockchain games.

In the sector’s parlance, we’ve moved from talking about HODLing to actually BUIDLing; there’s so much BUIDLing.

There doesn’t appear to be too much strategic thought about why, however, which is reflected in the lack of AUNCHLing.

(If you’re confused, I just made that meme up!).

Whatever. It seems like the blockchain game section is stuck in a ‘jam tomorrow’ phase.

Adding complexity

The reason, of course, is making any sort…

Building a better financial system one loan at a time

The DeFi Summit London 2019, held at Imperial College on 10–11 September, was a microcosm of who and what’s happening in the hottest sector in blockchain.

Key players ranging from MakerDAO and ConsenSys to Centrifuge, Oasis Labs (The Oasis Team), Gnosis, Melonport (now Avantgarde Finance Ltd), and UMA were talking about the key opportunities and challenges they’re facing.

In the latter case, overcoming the friction surrounding onboarding, especially with respect to identity and legislation (KYC, AML etc) to gain real user scale, remain thorny problems for the entire space.

Anecdotal estimates from various speakers suggested DeFi’s current addressable market topped…

The results of our latest half yearly Sentiment Survey are in

Following our first Blockchain Game Sentiment Survey in January, we’re back to take the pulse of the industry, both in terms of how 2019 has panned out so far, and what’s expected in the future.

As ever, we asked a panel of industry insiders as well as the public to answer a series of 10 simple questions. (You can check them out here.)

The point of the two separate audiences was to check if there were any differences in opinion between these cohorts. In this context, it’s also worth pointing out, our sample isn’t large enough to offer statistically significant…

2,700 daily active wallets and counting

It was always a question of ‘when’ not ‘if’, and finally My Crypto Heroes has become the top blockchain game in terms of daily active wallets interacting with a smart contract.

The reason for the contextualization was that while Double Jump’s Ethereum-based RPG has been steadily growing its audience, the previous most popular blockchain game was EOS Knights.

In early March, it was attracting almost 7,000 daily active wallets, although — as ever — it’s important to realise there are significant differences between the behavior of active wallets on Ethereum and EOS.

(Notably it’s easier to run bots on EOS…

CEO Pavel Bains explains the vision

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When it comes to explaining the esoteric world of database technology to a mass audience, simple comparisons are usually the best starting point.

In that context, the one-liner for Bluzelle is perfect: “We’re doing for data what Cloudflare did for web content”.

The longer version — a decentralized data cache that makes applications run faster around the world — isn’t too bad either.

Still, if you want to better understand what the startup is attempting to do, some deeper reading around the subject is required.

For CEO Pavel Bains, what really matters, however are the advantages decentralization provides for companies…

Tendermint’s Zaki Manian explains

In a world not lacking new blockchains, the recent launch of Cosmos (Cosmos Network) has managed to generate headlines above-and-beyond the usual crypto chatter.

That’s because Cosmos can truthfully claim to be significantly different to what we’ve seen before.

While Bitcoin is labelled ‘a different type of money’, and Ethereum is now a ‘global, decentralized platform for money and new kinds of applications’, Cosmos is the ‘Internet of Blockchains’

Great slogan but not the easiest statement to unpick. …

Green shoots but how deep are the roots?

We’re a third of the way through a year many hope will be a turning point for the blockchain game sector, and what do we see?

Certainly sentiment has improved alongside the recent bump in cryptocurrency valuations, which itself is reinvigorating interest from VCs and other investors.

More significantly though, developers are raising their ambition when it comes to products, with new features coming to existing games and plenty of new titles in the works too.

The wider ecosystem is also thriving, especially in terms of activity to solve long-running pain points such as identity, wallet management, and onboarding…

Filtering data providers for better data

Transparency is a truism of the blockchain world but that doesn’t mean good data is easy to find.

This is quickly becoming clear when it comes to tracking the performance of dapps.

Sure, the number of companies providing such data is ever increasing. And, as we will see, comparative data for most individual dapps seems reliable. The significant issues, however, are viewed from the macro level.

Each data provider takes a different approach, both in terms of what blockchains they cover, and how they categorize different types of apps; is CryptoKitties a game or a marketplace for example?

More seriously…

Blockchain Gaming v2 is inbound

In many ways, nothing good has happened in the world of blockchain games over the past 12 months.

Crypto prices have crashed. Player numbers are static at best. Developers are struggling for funding. Sure, lots of new games have launched but no-one has done anything much new or exciting. The most anticipated games remain months away.

In other ways, however, everything is happening.

Conversations are ongoing, deals are being signed, strategies are being reworked, products honed, and the confidence finally punctured by mid-November’s pricing collapse is reflating.

In other words, the foundations are being laid for a brighter tomorrow.

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