On 27th of August 2020, our main administrator Jazie had a live AMA session with Jephtap Oyelabi (Founder of Chess Coin) on Blockchain Infinity telegram chat.

Segment 1: Introduction

Jazie: Let’s start our AMA session with BrainiacChess Network!

Welcome to our community @Jeph_Brainiac and @enii_ola. Before we can go to first segment, please introduce yourself first.

Jeph: Hello Jazie. My name is Jephtah, and I’m the founder of BrainiacChess Network. With me is Enny @enii_ola. She’s my Personal Assistant. It’s a pleasure being in your community.

Eniola enii_ola: Good morning, everyone my name is Eniola, it’s a pleasure being in your community.

Jazie: Nice to meet you guys and thank you for the wonderful introductions. Let’s proceed to the first segment. Are you ready?

Jeph: Shoot please!

Jazie: Alright! Here comes the first question...

Question #1:

What is BrainiacChess Network?

Jeph: Well there’s really no need for long stories here. Let’s just say we are building our own gaming platform that will be integrated with cryptocurrency.

We will also serve as a kind of network connecting everyone within the chess Ecosystem (Players, Arbiters, Event organizers, sponsors, Instructors etc.)

Jazie: Thank you for explaining to us Jeph! Let’s move to the next question.

Question #2:

Kindly explain to us the solutions you provide for the problems in the world of digital chess platforms?

Jeph: Ha... this is going to be a long one.

Jazie: Sure!

Jeph: Some of the major problems that we hope to provide solution to are:

- Lack of proper reward system
- Privacy problem
- Centralization

Lack of proper reward system: There are so many chess platforms out there, but it is hard for them to fully attach a reward system to their platform due to many reasons. Most of them are not incentivized which makes BrainiacChess unique! It’s hard to transfer funds to people from different countries using bank accounts, as many regulations and processes slow down the transfer and make it quite expensive. Other payment systems require users to provide certain personal details which is unnecessary information in this situation. We solve this by using Chess Coin to reward users for their involvement with the platform.

Privacy problem: For users to get rewards, they need to give out some personal details which in turn compromises their privacy. Many users don’t feel comfortable giving out this information. We solve that with the use of crypto as a means of reward. All you need to really receive incentives is your wallet address.

Centralization: All chess platforms so far that offer incentives on chess tournaments have a central body taking charge of the rewards. Users are thereby forced to "trust" them to give their rewards. We solve this by using smart contracts to distribute rewards to deserving users.

Jazie: Wow! That is very resourceful answer Jeph.

And the last question for Segment 1.

Question #3:

Can you tell what are the ways to earn CHESS tokens?

Jeph: I’d let @enii_ola take this.

Eniola enii_ola: Sure.

Jazie: That’s cool!

Eniola enii_ola: 1. You can earn by participating in tournaments hosted by BrainiacChess.
2. Also by being helpful in the community and creating good contents for the project.
3. You can also earn rewards by winning a bet with an opponent, but this feature will only be available later in the future when the platform is fully ready.

Jeph: Yes that’s right, we are working to make this p2p betting feature available with release of v2.

Segment 2: Questions from the Twitter

Jazie: Alright thank you for your answers on my introduction questions guys, let’s go to 2nd segment which is the twitter questions!

Question #1 From: @DustyLoooza

With Great Games and Blockchain Casinos are mostly on Tron dAPP or EOS dAPP. On which Particular BlockChain do you want to integrate the BrainiacChess Network Games?

Here’s the first question.

Jeph: At this moment, we do not plan on moving to any other blockchain. We will remain on the ethereum blockchain for now. If something changes in the future, we’d let the community know

Jazie: It’s quite interesting, thanks Jeph! This is the second winning question.

Question #2 From: @VeeMeyr

Can you explain why the event platform needs a blockchain? What are the main advantages of using blockchain technology in the event media platform? What advanced events does BrainiacChess want to create?

Jeph: The only way to make the platform decentralized is to utilize the power of blockchain technology. This enables us integrate our native cryptocurrency (Chess Coin) into the platform. This is quiet unique cuz no other chess platform offers this.

I don't quiet understand what @VeeMeyr meant by "advanced events". But I'm gonna assume he meant if we plan any future chess events. Well yeah we host tournaments from time to time and we also don't leave our crypto community out cuz we understand that not every chess coin trader is a chess player, so recently we hosted a trading competition on uniswap. We will announce when there are other events in the future.

Jazie: Well explained, you guys are the first Chess platform in this space.

Let me send the third question.

Question #3 From: @LeleCrypto

To support fairness in a chess game, a powerful tool is needed to detect cheating. How do BrainiacChess apply game fairness and anticipate game cheating?

Eniola enii_ola: Very good question, platforms like Lichess and have some type of anti-cheat system. This anti-cheat system will detect users that use chess engines to cheat. We would also build such system on our platform too. This will help detect users who constantly use chess engines and then we can ban such users.

Jazie: That’s pretty good Eniola. All players want a fair game so it will be good for detecting any kind of cheats.

Let's move to the fourth question.

Question #4 From: @PabloJab69

How will BrainiacChess Network generate profitable income to sustain your project and what is the revenue model? How will it make a profit for your investors and your project?

Eniola enii_ola: I’ll mention a few ways we will be generating income: 1. Through cosmetics/skin that will be sold in the game. 2. Through the commissions that will be taken after every settled bet. 3. Through some in-app purchases.

Jazie: Liked it, thanks Eniola!

And the last question for Segment 2.

Question #5 From: @Idee021

I'm a lover of chess and would love to earn some passive income, doing what I love. Do you have any upcoming tournaments I can participate? What products is the team currently developing that would attract players in the crypto and non-crypto space?

Jeph: We don’t have an ETA of when the next tournament will be, but stick around because we organize tournaments from time to time. The major product we are building is the chess game. Then we are also building the smart contracts that will be integrated with the chess game that will enable p2p betting and tournament reward system. It’s going to be an interesting ride, just follow the project closely.

Segment 3 Questions from the Community:

Jazie: Got it, thank you @Jeph_Brainiac and @enii_ola.

Okay guys, here’s the exciting part of our session. Let’s move to Final Segment.

So Jeph and Eniola, are you ready with our last segment?

Jeph: Thank you Jazie 😊
It’s also advisable for the community members to go through some of the questions answered above, so as to avoid unnecessary repetition.

Jazie: Yes that’s true!

Jeph: Yup, we are ready.

Jazie: Chat closed! Thank you for your plenty of questions chat, let’s give our guests some time to answer good questions.

Jeph: Whoa! It’s going to be a long ride.
Thanks for the questions guys. Now allow me some time to answer some of them.

Jazie: Haha yes! Take some time to pick the most valuable questions.

Q1 From: @erven12

Do you have plan to attract some Famous Chess players for example is MAGNUS CARLSEN? and make them as ambassadors or model in your Chess Platform?

Jeph: Interesting question.
Good to know that you’re a FIDE Master. You’re very much welcome on our platform. Yes, we plan to attract big chess Players like Magnus and Nakamura. The idea isn’t to compete with the likes of lichess and cuz we offer something different from what they’re currently offering. But yeah as we keep growing, it’s only a matter of time before we start to attract Magnus kinda players to our platform. Also, making them as ambassadors wouldn’t be a bad idea. We do plan on doing this.

Q2 From: @Nirob17

What is your plans in place for global expansion, are CHESS focusing on only market at this time? Or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships? Can you explain this?

Jeph: The platform isn’t going to be restricted to a domain or region. It’s going to be global from the start. And yes we are focusing on building at the moment. Without a good product there’s hardly anything you can market. With a good product, it’ll be easier to engage in aggressive marketing campaigns to push the products. And yeah partnerships are always good if done right, we have some partners already and we plan on striking more partnership deals.

Q3 From: @syrexpro

Can you briefly explain how the Top milestones that the BrainiacChess team aims to execute before the end of this year or going to execute in future, will help them succeed and What BrainiacChess may look like in 2020 and beyond?

Eniola enii_ola: Major milestones we plan to achieve right now is to first build a very nice gaming platform, integrate the smart contracts into it and then have thousands of users who would be willing to use our platform.

Before the end of the year, we should have a working product to show the community. Exciting times ahead.

Q4 From: @nyo_cant

What will be the role of the CHESS token within your gaming platform? Will people holding them any kind of special perks?

Jeph: The role of the token is simple. It will serve as a means of reward to users who participate in tournaments or use our platform actively. It will also be the currency used for p2p betting on the platform. CHESS is also meant to be a kind of universal cryptocurrency for everyone within the Chess ecosystem.

Q5 From: @toanphamhd

As I am a Gamer, so why a gamer should dive into BrainiacChess Network? Why do you think blockchain game is better than non-blockchain games? What types of games are you more willing to bring in the platform?

Jeph: Its simple, blockchain games offer decentralization which non-blockchain platforms doesn’t. You don’t need to trust the event organizers not your opponent while playing a game that involves money. Its safer that way.

Q6 From: @DiegoRME

Can you list 1-3 killer features of Brainiac Chess that makes it ahead of its competitors? What is the competitive advantage your platform has that you feel most confident about?

Most of the investors just focus on the price of the token in the short term instead of the real value of the project. Can you tell us the motivation and benefits for investors to hold the CHESS token for long term?

Eniola enii_ola: 1. We will offer a decentralized reward system. Who doesn’t like being rewarded.

2. You can bet with your opponent without the worry of "will he pay me if I win?".

3. You also can't write off the fact that we will be releasing a killer 3 D version later in the future. This will also have some amazing features that has not been seen in any other chess platform. Can't talk much about that yet.

Q7 From: @Truongkhanh

Can you explain more about Staking dApp? How is it work?

Jeph: The staking dApp we currently have is just a dApp that rewards liquidity providers. Once you add to CHESS/ETH pool on uniswap, you can earn interest as high as 15% monthly. For more information read this article

Q8 From: @Alika061

Why does BrainiacChess want to work on blockchain as there are already so many successful virtual world platforms on the web, so why does Sandbox want to integrate blockchain into it? What many advantages does the blockchain serve for users?

Jeph: We are the first ever chess platform that will have a decentralized reward system. That makes us unique.

Q10 From: @BeastSanmao

Can I play with my friends using Token? How much commission Brainias cut per game?

Jeph: Yes, that’s the idea. You don’t need chess coin to play on our platform... however you will need to have chess coin if you wanna bet with an opponent. As for the commission we will be taking from each successful bet, we haven’t finalized that yet.

Q11 From: @ineed688btc

What are the ways that BrainiacChess Network generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project?

Jeph: This was answered above

Q12 From: @yadav_199

Online chess gaming platform seems interesting, but how you will guys bring addoption as limited people know playing chess? Do you guys have planned to bring more games on platform?

Jeph: Well there are over 600 million chess players around the world, so chess players are not that "limited". We have various ways to bring in adoption and some of it is but organizing chess tournaments from time to time. We also plan to organize real life events and not just online events. These are some ways to bring in users to the platform. We can’t also write off digital marketing to bring in more users.

Q13 From: @Momjk

COVID 19 has slowed many economies around the world but as a crypto business has it affected you negatively or positively? Secondly, are you still on track to achieve your targets as the road map says?

Jeph: Well yeah Covid19 affected a lot. It slowed down our development as some of our developers were affected. However, this will not hinder us from achieving any of our targets and we are still very much on track according to our roadmap (which we took down from our website anyways.)

Q14 From: @molla_rifat

How many games do you have in your platform? Do you have any plan to attract developers to build on your platform?

Jeph: Yes, developers are very much welcome. For now, only chess game will be on the platform. We could add more games in the future.

Q15 From: @bestyasuovn

From a startup project to a mainstream project, being a pioneer in the industry, do BrainiacChess team anticipate that many new startups will show up and compete?

Eniola enii_ola: This is to be expected as we know we are building something unique. The fact that others copy us means we are doing something right, so we are not worried about that.

Q16 From: @Kento_Tan

Will your playing platform be released on IOS, Android or just in website?

Jeph: For a start, it’s just going to be a web based game, but yeah with subsequent releases, we will also launch on iOS and Android OS. The smart contract feature can only be on the on the web though, since you’ll need to connect your wallet.

Jazie: I think that’s all. Thank you so much for your answers on the first and second round. We’re glad to have an AMA session with you guys that was fun.

Do you have any message to the community?

Jeph: Thank you for having us in here Jazie. It was indeed fun and interesting questions. Y’all could also have a look at a recent interview I made with Crypto Wendy

Some of your likely questions are answered in there.

Jazie: This is great exposure for you guys, I hope more influencers will cover up your project.

Jeph: For those who might still have other questions, you can join us at https:t.meBrainiacChess_Network and ask your questions.

Here are some useful links for the project:

To get yourself some CHESS kindly visit

Thank you everyone.

Jazie: Nice thanks again Jeph and Eniola.

-END of AMA session-

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