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On 19th of September 2020, our main administrator Jazie had a live AMA session with Khurram (Marketing of Zin Finance), Martin (Sales of Zin Finance), Sem (Communications and Creative of Zin Finance) on Blockchain Infinity telegram chat.

Segment 1: Introduction

Jazie: Welcome to our community Khurram, Martin and Sem. Before we can go to first segment, please introduce yourselves first.

Semre S: Hi Jazie! firstly thanks for having us! I am Sem - the Head of Communications and Illustrations for

Martin Pijlman: Hi all. My name is Martin Pijlman and I am Sales Lead at Zin Finance. I am working in financial services already for 14 years.

KM: Hello everyone, this is KM - marketing lead for

Jazie: Thank you for your introductions about yourselves. Let’s proceed to the first segment. Are you ready guys?

Semre S: Yes!

Martin Pijlman: Yes I am Jazie.

KM: Yes.

Jazie: Alright! Here comes the first question...

Question #1:

What is Zin Finance?

Semre S: I will take that one.

Zin is a DeFi investment platform. We are building a platform which will combine the advantages of traditional investments with DeFi. The Zin platform will focus mainly on investments and growing savings nests for our users rather than trading. Our token is 100% deflationary – now that’s a unique proposition! For details you can read the About us section on our website.

Jazie: Thank you for explaining to us Sem! Let’s move to the next question.

Question #2:

What are your plans for the next upcoming months/years?

KM: These are exciting times for Zin, Zin community is growing organically beyond our expectations. We recently finished Zin presales which was a huge success, so much so that we had to finish it earlier.
In the upcoming few weeks Zin community will be pleased to hear exciting updates from us including exchange listing announcements, while the back end team is busy working on maturing Zin roadmap features like introduction of web platform and staking. In parallel, we are in talks with corporate investors, bringing on board new staff and shortlisting like minded, long term partners.

Jazie: Interesting plans, thanks Khurram.

And the last question for Segment 1.

Question #3:

What distinguishes you from your competitors?

Martin Pijlman: We plan to introduce traditional investment tools like stocks and commodities as well. We will launch a Zin Card linked to Zin pay and last but not least we will introduce Zin Lending in dec 2022 (as per roadmap).

Jazie: Alright thank you guys for the answers on my introduction questions. Let’s go to 2nd segment which is the twitter questions!

Segment 2: Questions from the Twitter

Question #1 From: @_rhythms29

Two features of Zin Finance is it's staking and burn mechanism. However, these 2 are also present on other projects. What makes ZIN's features "unique" compared to the others?

Semre S: About Burn and staking: Our token is 100% deflationary which means that all supply must be burned. Only bitfinex’s Leo offered this but their starting marketcap was $1B ours is $1M, so you can imagine the growth potential that Zin offers for early investors.

Our uniqueness is that we are not competing in the exchange space, we are building an investment platform for stable growth so that mainstream passive investors can also enter deFi.

Jazie: Awesome, thanks for that Sem!

Here's the next question.

Question #2 From: @Crypto_Isaac

ZIN made a strategic marketing partnership with Zeugma Marketing and X10 Agency. What's your go-to market strategy for global adoption and expansion of the ZIN project?

KM: We are proud to be in partnership with Zeugma and X10. We have a purpose to deliver and using the same manifesto in go to market strategy whereby adoption shall be pulled based on project delivery led hype attracting both crypto native and mainstream passive investors. Going forward we will continue to get into similar partnerships at a regional level as well.

Jazie: Looking forward for your upcoming partnerships!

Let me send the third winning question.

Question #3 From: @Oluwamayowa06

Zin Finance platform uses its proprietary swarm intelligence algorithm. Can you tell us more about this AI, especially its mechanism of action? Also, what advantages does it offer Zin ecosystem?

Martin Pijlman: Good question! We are using many algorithms for different functionalities. For example, for staking, our algorithm calculates Daily wallet balances through snapshots and then decides to give out dividends based on the formula set in the whitepaper. When we will introduce portfolio (see roadmap for timing), the algorithm will learn from different portfolio managers techniques and offer the right mix of stocks to the platform users.

Jazie: Wow, very easy way to stake. You heard that guys.

Let's move to the fourth ones.

Question #4 From: @Radss99

What is the algorithm used by Zin Finance? What does it solve the problem of blockchain system? How do you manage the algorithm and operate it?

Semre S: Firstly Martin has already talked about the algorithims we use in Staking. I will briefly touch upon swarm Intelligence in Portfolio Management.

Swarm intelligence is a generic AI technique - which simply means that the AI searches for best profit maximisation portfolio in a constrained or given budget. We will build algorithms that will learn from the portfolio performance of our experts and through this self-learning they will be able to recommend the right portfolios for the platform users according to their risk profile. BTW also wanted to show you a sneak peak of our clickable demo. We take all the complexity in the background and present the user with a very simple UI as you can see in this demo:

Jazie: Thanks Sem, this will help us a lot about portfolio management.

And here's the last question from twitter.

Question #5 From: @maharanigis

I'm interested on one of Zin Finance feature, Zin Wallet & Staking. Can you explain more about this? How do we can stake on Zin Finance? What APR will we earn?

Martin Pijlman: We have put at least 40% of the supply for the Staking dividends. It is one of our major features and benefits for the token holders. Zin dividends will be given according to how much is staked by the community. The dividends will increase as more community will stake, and reduce when less community is staking. Therefore, there is no Set APR%. But the formula is detailed in our whitepaper, which will give you a fair idea of why we have built it like this. It is to benefit HODLERS and long term backers.

Segment 3: Live questions from the community

Jazie: Thank you so much for your answers Khurram, Martin and Sem for all twitter questions. We appreciate it a lot.

Martin Pijlman: Our compliments for all the questions on Twitter!

Jazie: Yeah they have an amazing questions!

Semre S: it was a pleasure!

Jazie: So guys, are you ready with our last segment?

Martin Pijlman: We are.

Jazie: Chat closed! Thank you for your plenty of questions chat, let’s give our guests some time to answer good questions.

Semre S: Wow that is super impressive! So many questions Zinsters - we are really thankful for your interest.

Round 1 of Community Questions:

Q1 From: @Alika061

How many ZIN Tokens will be circulated in the beginning if all are sold?

Martin Pijlman: It depends on the crowdsale. We expect the initial circulating supply to be between 100-250 Million Zin tokens and the marketcap accordingly with $0.015 per Zin. We cannot tell exactly about the $ market cap as it depends on the price, but these are estimates.

Q2 From: @heyyy9

Most each project has interesting stories before it’s created. So, can you tell to people about the story that gave you the motivation to build and develop a great project like Zin Finance?

Semre S: That’s a wonderful question. Our story is on the About us section on our website. We wanted to build a platform which is focused towards stable growth rather than trading. Normal middle classes stay away from investments due to the volatility in the system and we wanted to change that. People don’t realise how cash depletes in value over time if not invested. We wanted to educate and show the results to people through this platform.

Q3 From: @OlegDubinskiy

DeFi will be actively developing in 2020. What role will Zin Finance play in driving the adoption of DeFi using a blockchain solution?

KM: True Defi is on exponential growth, while there are 100s of projects do note that in terms of addressable market we are still just at the tip of the potential. Our end in mind is to have an investment platform (away from many trading exchanges already available) which is simple to navigate even for non crypto users and hence should even attract the traditional assets investors. Zin and its team solely believe in value delivery through timely release of Zin platform’s roadmap (as available on our website).

Q4 From: @SmAG_23

What services does the project provide? Is there any exchange you are negotiating to be listed?

Martin Pijlman: We are already listed on Coincodex, Coinhill and Chaindex and negotiations with others are ongoing. For the services the project provides I will recommend you to read this:

Q5 From: @flowerfromwho

What are the biggest challenges for Zin Finance for building DeFi Platform? Can you tell me some memorable milestones during the development of Zin Finance?

Semre S: Since we are building Zin for passive investors including a lot of non-crypto people the first challenge is the image of our industry. Understandably there is a negative perception due to the ICO scams of 2017. However we are tackling this by following regulatory compliance, incorporation in the UK as an established company and making the onboarding easier to remove fears and encourage mass adoption. We will also comply with local regulations in order to satisfy the users of our platform.

Q6 From: @sofia_c3

Recent DeFi projects often have a deposit and profit mechanism, which is a good idea for attracting long-term investors, is that your reason? And what is the annual interest rate for the ZIN deposit mechanism?

Martin Pijlman: We have put at least 40% of the supply for the Staking dividends. It is one of our major features and benefits for the token holders. Zin dividends will be given according to how much is staked by the community. The dividends will increase as more community will stake, and reduce when less community is staking. Therefore, there is no Set APR%. But the formula is detailed in our whitepaper, which will give you a fair idea of why we have built it like this. It is to benefit HODLERS and long term backers.

Q7 From: @laty99

How is the ZIN token used? How to keep motivated to hold ZIN tokens for a long term? When will ZIN token be listed on more exchanges? Where will they be?

Martin Pijlman: Good question! Zin token is a utility token for the Zin Ecosystem. It is an ERC20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain using solidity Smart Contracts. It is the utility backbone of the Zin platform ecosystem and can be used for fee discounts on the Zin platform and for the governance protocol. Zin will be burned as part of the fee until all 1 billion is burned. This way Zin token is 100% deflationary.

As DeFi space is every evolving, later on, Zin token may have other usages which we will explore as we go along on our roadmap journey.

Q8 From: @Yami_Ochinchin

What do you want to do before the end of this year? What are the goals of the project?

Martin Pijlman: Thank you for your question. On our website you can read the complete roadmap. You can see it here:

Q9 From: @Dreamy_genius

How does your Zin Finance platform provide factors such as multiple risk indicators, behavior analysis, and data analysis?

Semre S: The Zin finance platform will try to take away complexity from the user and present them with a simpler UI and decision making. In the background our algorithms will analyse the user’s risk profile, their budget constraints as entered by them and their goals of savings. Accordingly it will recommend a portfolio based on the learnings of our expert portfolio managers.

Q10 From: @solozgi

Many DeFi project coins have dropped dramatically over the past week. What is the Zin Finance project doing to make a difference and provide users with a better user experience?

KM: We are here for the long term and intend to give value to our community through solid development efforts, focus on user experience and timely delivery of our roadmap. Agnostic of market highs and lows of crypto we intend to stay focused on this deliverables. A functional purpose led project has a much better long term value than piecemeal pump and dump.

Jazie: Okay thank you for answering the first round of questions, can we go for the next round?

KM: Yes sure.

Jazie: Chat closed! Thank you for the last round of questions everyone.

Khurram, Martin and Sem, the floors is yours.

Round 2 of Community Questions:

Q11 From: @EmEmCrZ

What are your advantages over the other competitor?

Martin Pijlman: Zin is a platform that enables a user to build growth nests and save efficiently with investment tools like crypto and traditional stocks. Anyone who wants to build long term value in their savings can become an investor with Zin. We will introduce staking on web in the first phase.

Next to that, we will launch a Zin Card linked to Zin pay and last but not least we will introduce Zin lending in dec 2022 (as per roadmap).

Semre S: Traditional finance is too slow and in many countries only allows elite investors to thrive. We want to change that by simplifying the process for everyday investors. We see traditional finance as partners in many things but we want to remove their slowness and bureaucracy.

Q12 From: @fokinni

It’s easy to make a token but it’s really hard to make this token valuable? So what’s your startegy to make the token more valuable and what’s your plan to maintain token price and supply?

Semre S: We are offering a full burn of the supply. This is an interesting experiment as very few projects have offered it so far and even those who did started with a very high marketcap. We are building Zin purely out of our passion and we want to try how our community will take this novel idea that from a low marketcap we burn all supply. Apart from that Zin tokens offer many other values detailed in our whitepaper.

Q13 From: @Cuzz1

Besides transactions and exchanges, can I use Zin Finance for other things? If I am a Zin Finance long-term investor, are there any special policies or long-term rewards for us?

Martin Pijlman: Zin is a 100% deflationary cryptocurrency with a burn mechanism. It will include a savings account to keep your money or Zin, and it will have an investment tool to invest in the portfolio you wish to invest in.

Q14 From: @xwidex

What is Zin Finance? Where does "Zin Finance" name comes from &
What it’s stand for?

Semre S: That’s a good question!:) Our inspiration for the name ‘Zin’ came from this Urban dictionary reference:

Zin is a legend. A real OG. A person with a name of Greek origin, Zin is someone that can literally do everything, adapt to any situation and get along with everyone. A very likable person who will most likely be remembered by anyone who has ever crossed paths with them.

Q15 From: @FFdior

Among different blockchains and cryptocurrency projects, what are some key features that set Zin Finance aside? What does Zin Finance have that other projects don’t?

Martin Pijlman: We plan to introduce traditional investment tools like stocks and commodities. Besides that we will launch a Zin Card linked to Zin pay and last but not least we will introduce Zin lending in dec 2022 (as per roadmap) To read all the features of Zin I would recommend you to read this article:

Q16 From: @sunaoie

With the current market, which development direction do you think is suitable for Zin Finance at the present time as well as in the near future?

KM: I am not too sure what you mean by current market, but the platform development efforts are focused on the exciting roadmap unique to Zin platform. While delivering so, loyal community members and token holders shall be rewarded.

Q17 From: @yadav_199

The main aim of this AMA to convince community to buy and hold Zin Finance, please tell me 3 reason why I as investor should invest in this project and hold coin for long term?

Semre S: I’ll answer this one. Well it depends on each individual whether to invest or not but the 3 reasons, I think most valuable, could be:
1. Continuous burning of the token. 100% deflationary.
2. Voting rights on governance such as fees decisions and investment pool decisions.
3. An extremely low starting marketcap for a project of our calibre which is incorporated in the UK.

KM: Before year end we shall have exchanges enlisting, staking and web platform launch, regional partnerships and always-on engagement with our community :)

Q18 From: @tv100029

Can I generate ZIN through smart contract in solidity? Which token will be able to stake, save, reedem and swap in solidity? How does Zin Finance apply for a witness node or deploy/manage a smart contract? Has your smart contract been audited by any blockchain system?

Semre S: You can generate more Zin. The staking supply will come from our Staking reserve wallet which holds minimum 40% of the total supply right now. Yes you will be able to stake, redeem and swap through our smart contracts built in Solidity. Even today our token sale is happening through a smart contract with zero human intervention. Check it out at

Q19 From: @Baby_Crypto

I heard that Zin Finance has a deflationary Zin token, how often and in what amount will you burn tokens? Why did you choose this model?

Martin Pijlman: Zin is a 100% deflationary token with a burn mechanism. We will burn all 1 billion tokens. With an average of 50% locked in supply, we expect to run the staking rewards for 6 years, with 30% locked in supply 9 years and with 90% locked in supply 3 years. This formula will balance the demand and supply of tokens in the market. If people take the tokens out of stake and in to the exchange, new supply will slow down.If people will keep their tokens in stake lock -in, they will be rewarded with a higher number of tokens.

Jazie: I think that’s all. Thank you so much for your answers on the first and second round. We’re glad to have an AMA session with you guys that was fun.

Do you have any messages to our community @Virginiawoolfe @KhurriM and @MartinPLM ?

Semre S: Thanks again for having us. We can assure you of our long term commitment and passion to Zin. That is precisely why we have locked our team tokens until we deliver the Dec 2022 roadmap. Our locked tokens can be seen in our wallets on the transparency page on our website. Thank you Zin Fam - we loved answering your questions!

My message is on behalf of all three of us. Thanks Jazie for having us!

Martin Pijlman: Good questions all and very happy that such an amount of people took the time to participate! We hope you will be a part of the Zin Fam! And indeed, loved answering your questions.

Jazie: Looking forward for your long term goals for Zin Finance! I hope to see you again next time guys.

Guys, don’t forget to join and follow Zin Finance social media accounts.

Telegram group:
Twitter account:
Official website:

-END of AMA session-

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