Welcome to Bitcointopia

Blockchainist Paper #2

Bitcointopia is a brand new city built on top of Bitcoin & Nevada, located in Elko County, between the city of Elko and the city of Wells.

Once the city is established, incorporated and recognized by the county, a Declaration Of Independence will be published and formally ratified under both laws of sovereignty and introduced as a BIP into the Bitcoin Code base as well as a OP_RETURN embedded data transaction in the Bitcoin Blockchain for public records.

Bitcointopia will be the capital of the new nation we are proposing to be formed under the legal standard of the Treason Act of 1495, the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, the Montevideo Convention in 1934, the Outerspace Treaty of 1966, International Law, US Constitutional Law under Article 5 and the Inter-Micronational Treaty Organization of 2011.

With de facto recognition or Diplomatic Recognition by a sovereign state or nation would bring a level of legal status to the USB that would allow later UN recognition. To gain diplomatic status, diplomatic immunity & de facto recognition by a UN member nation is one of the biggest steps we must take to protect The United States of Bitcoin from any interference by national powers.

There are over 10,000 acres is currently included in this new land development project. In an area that can rapidly expand to over 1,000,000 acres once our citizens begin to arrive & funding is gathered. The Bitcointopia Expansion Project will sell & distribute 500–1000 plots at 1–3 acres per plot to prospectors, frontier seekers and Bitcoin citizens who want to be apart of the initial start of this city. This will raise funding, establish citizens of the city & help gather laborers to build the needed infrastructure of the city from the ground up into a living city.

We need YOU, to come build, create & help build our brand new city. If you have skills, resources, funding, intellectual capabilities, Bitcoin to spare or a will to protect, promote & preserve Bitcoin itself, we would like to invite you to Bitcointopia.

This city is the first step in forming a United States of Bitcoin that when established will root from this location in all directions out to the Kuiper belt on the many radiating frequencies of radio & consciousness.

Right now you can purchase 1-3 Acre Plots using Bitcoin as payment.
This land gives you the ability to build a house, business or just camp.
Within the city limits of Bitcointopia, all of the normal services you see in a city will soon arise, such as water, sewage, electricity, internet, transportation, schools, hospitals and other needed facilities to make a modern city function.

We need people like you, people who love Bitcoin, to move to Bitcointopia, to help build homes, our needed facilities and develop the land into our new city.

Any companies that build Bitcoin products, services or help run the Bitcoin network are welcome to come join us in Bitcointopia. We will provide office spaces, business services & personnel to any Bitcoin companies that want to join us. Any Bitcoin companies that purchase any acres of the Bitcointopia Expansion Project will be given a certificate of membership to the Bitcointopia Business Committee and for every acre purchased 1 acre will be donated to a family with children in need to shelter & a place to live. This will help the many displaced, homeless & families in need around Nevada, The United States of America and the World.

We want to build an ecosystem for all Bitcoiners, Bitcoin users and Blockchain enthusiasts. Within the city people will be able to spend bitcoin, get paid in bitcoin and interact with their government using Bitcoins Blockchain. This is done using an appropriations, legislation and voting application built to use Bitcoin, Counterparty & the Lightning Network to establish a BitCongress that is not limited to geography such as the US Congress in Washington DC.

The long term goal is to establish an Organization and Government that can reach out from this land all the way to the Kuiper belt & eventually the Oort Cloud. A new manifest destiny that puts humanity on the new frontier. We believe that Bitcoin will be the center of that frontier like Gold, Silver and the Dollar has been the center of the USA & the UN establishing itself on planet Earth.

The state of Nevada has created law that exempts all Bitcoin & cryptocurrency transactions from taxation by city, county or the state. This means no government within the state, county or city can tax Bitcoin in any way. This is the perfect opportunity to build a local city that uses Bitcoin as legal tender & for its city services. This is why we consider Nevada the root of this new Government. For the laws of the east coast and west coast of the United States of America have become tyrannical in nature, ignorant of it’s own people and a strangler of it’s citizens through taxation, forfeiture & debt incursion. Bitcoin is not based on debt, removes the shackles of slavery from both the mind and the wallet & brings a new realization of what Freedom is defined as.

Right now Bitcointopia is just land with a river running through it, we are in the process of building foundations, sidewalks, roads, building facilities like laundromats, restaurants, shops, offices as well as public services like communications, water treatment, electrical production & internet services. Once these services are built, established and maintained, a work force to take care of them and develop them further will be needed, this is why we are selling plots of land to give incentives to you to come here, live here, build here, love here & grow here in Bitcointopia. The love of the land, the love of freedom and the love of your fellow human beings, animals and machines is what we hope to build upon at Bitcointopia.

We need you to come build this land with us. So if you are interested in purchasing land, 1-3 acre plots are for sale for 0.5 BTC per acre. You can buy up to 3 acres right now from our website Bitcointopia.org. You will receive your deed & title to your land in about 4-6 weeks after purchase.

If you are interested in the brand new frontier, come join us at Bitcointopia.

Publius — 2018