Beyond PoWH3D- The True Blockchain Casino — Zethr! Higher Risk Game? No, you will never get cheat or reject to withdraw your own money with any stupid reason on blockchain!

Zethr’s masternode:

Early 2018 brought the advent of what we like to call the “Pyramid Age”. The release of the first “Open-Source Pyramid” known as Proof of Weak Hands in January began the pyramid craze, starting with two exploited PoWH contracts and finally settling with the current Great Pyramid known as Proof of Weak Hands 3D. A few months later, the first “meme” clones appeared — starting with the failed PoWL, the 4000ETH gambit of PoWM, and at least 20 other clones in the next 7 days. All of these eventually died as early investors took profits and caused mass crashes and panic selloffs as the price of the tokens went into freefall. It was clear that later investors in these projects were incurring a high risk of losing much of their investment.For example, like P3D,what obtain the “casino share” of the game dividends. The smart contract “Zethr” based on Ethereum either, currently only 1357.34 ETH for total investment, compared with P3D’s 167,011.267 ETH, it is really still on the early stage.

Zethr has three games, one is dice game, and one is similar to Fomo3D, named Zethell, which the last buyer can get 50% reward of the pot, but cancels the team scale system, and Zethell sets the following:

When you bid, you will be the new leader in the prize pool. If no one bids after you and the timer expires, you win half of the pot and the other half goes to the next round.

The minimum token bid is 5 ZTH tokens; this resets the timer to the default value of 24 hours. However, if you choose a higher bid, you can reset the timer to 18 hours (10 tokens), 10 hours (25 tokens) or 6 hours (50 tokens).

The third is the new game mode,named “Keeper Of The Dividends”, Zethr allows you to purchase a dividend card. there’s two way to have profit with it,these always give you a 0.5% purchase when you hold a card with the selected dividend.

When someone purchase a card from you, you will receive the price you paid and a 50% price increase bonus.

There is also a special MasterCard with a dividend yield of 0.5%.

Zethr Bonica

And Zethr’s ICO for early investors to determine the price floor, we are proud to use our “dividend card” as an additional innovation on our platform.

These are a limited set of collectibles ERC721 tokens that benefit their holders.

In addition to any dividends they usually receive in the form of an ether.

There are eight cards in total. One of them is very special.

Here are some explanations of what they are, how they work, and why you need it.

In the ICO phase, participants can purchase tokens within seven initial red interest rates.

There is a bonus card for each interest rate (clarify that they are 2%, 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25% and 33%).

For a given dividend rate, the current cardholder gets 0.5% of any amount

The Zrater platform receives the same dividend rate before the interest rate.

In addition to these seven “ordinary” cards, we also introduced what we temporarily call “MasterCard”.

MasterCard will also receive 0.5% of any sent amount, but this is true for any dividend rate selected.

As you can imagine, grabbing the “right” card at the “right” time can be very profitable.

But there is a problem. You cannot determine when to hold your bonus card. Everyone else does this.

Wait, what? Why should I buy a card?

Because if someone buys a card from you when you own the card, you will be profitable!

These cards are created based on the initial price and a predefined increment for each “flip”. these are:

* {N}% dividend card: initial price — 1 ether, price flip — {N}%

*Universal card: ⠀⠀⠀⠀ initial price — 5 ether, price flip — 10%

If you own a card and others earn it, you will get a 50% net

The difference between the price you paid and the “flip” price. The remaining 50% is for funds.

It is best to illustrate this with some examples.

Dividend card in action: some case studies

Here we consider two situations: one related to a 20% bonus card and one related to a MasterCard.

Case #1: 20% dividend card

You buy a 20% dividend card after “flip” five times. Since the initial price is 1 ether

And each transaction increases by 20%, you pay (1.2)^ 6 = 2.985984 Ethernet card.

After this, Zethr recorded two purchases at a rate of 20%: the first time for 4.2 Ethernet and

The second one is 1.337 ether. Since your 0.5% reward is calculated before applying the dividend rate,

This means you can purchase 0.021 Ethernet and 0.006685 Ethernet separately.

At this point, the bonus card was purchased from you. Sorry, you can’t do anything! however,

The new holder will pay 3.5831808 Ethernet (due to a 20% increase). The amount you received

The Ethereum you purchased the card, in addition to half the net price difference.

The result is 2.985984 + (3.5831808–2.985984) / 2 = 3.2845824 Ethernet. The remaining net difference

Direct access to funds, automatically reinvested into ZTH tokens at a dividend rate of 33%.

In general, although you only have two cards for purchase, you are profitable.

(3.2845824 + 0.021 + 0.006685) — 2.985984 = 0.3262834 ether. Just a few clicks is not bad!

Case #2: MasterCard

You purchase the primary card after flipping it eight times. Since the initial price is 5 ether

For each transaction increased by 10%, you need to pay 5 * (1.1) ^ 9 = 11.78973845 Ethernet card.

The card will be purchased from you immediately after making a single purchase on the Zethr platform. New holder pays

12.9687123 card Ethernet, net profit is (12.9687123–11.78973845) / 2 = 0.589486925 Ethernet.

How do I purchase a dividend card?

“I sold it!”, we heard you crying. “How do I catch these!”

You can view all the cards here. On each card, you can see its current price (whether you buy it now),

Some characters that identify the holder’s address, as well as the “purchase card” button. Click this button to create a transaction

(on MetaMask) expressed as the price in terms of the amount of ether. But are you worried about buying a card before?

Handling your own transactions — Changing the price — If you “supervise” the Ethernet as part of the transaction, you will receive a refund

After the card is purchased and ownership is transferred to you, the remaining remaining Ethereum.

Why is Zethr holding a pre-release auction?

In the process of Zethr’s creation for ICO, a bonus card was also created and a capital contract was awarded.

Pre-release of cards has multiple uses; it will be handed over to participants before they are released.

On a full platform, the number of times they are exchanged can provide interesting information about the content

“Market” believes that the dominant dividend rate will be, and most importantly, assume that each card is valid

Platform white paper:

Preface and introduction

At the beginning of 2018, we brought what we call the “pyramid era.” First release

The “open source pyramid”, known as the weak hand certificate in January, began the craze of the pyramid

Two developed PoWH contracts, finally settled with the current Great Pyramid, called Proof of

Weak hand 3D. A few months later, the first “memesis” clone appeared — starting with the failed PoWL,

PoWM’s 4000 ETH starts, and at least 20 other clones in the next 7 days. Ultimately all of these

Because early investors profited and caused massive collapse and panic selling as a token price

Free fall. Obviously, investors in these projects are facing high risks of failure.

Most of their investment.

Has key features such as “Choose your own dividend rate”, interactive betting games and houses

Zethr has been paying money to token holders for the purpose of ensuring participation and longevity

This project was not realized by its predecessors.

What is Zethr?

Zethr is not a loan platform, stock or other

Supervise safe vehicles. Zethr is not

Guarantee to make you rich (although we are

Hope it does).

Having said that, this is Zethr:

Zethr is a community driven dispersion

Token powered betting platform

Appreciation as the supply of tokens increases

Decreased as token supply drops, and a

Paying for the edge of the casino house

Dividends to token holders on a regular basis — in short:

Gambling power bonus pyramid.

Zethr will be divided into four phases:

1) ICO fair release stage

2) Dividend auction stage

3) Pyramid launch phase

4) Sustainable development of casino games

Phase 1 — ICO Release

The first phase is just an ICO with a hard cap

Zethr (ZTH) tokens. We choose to do ICO

There are two main reasons: first, give one

Broader opportunities for community investment

Equal opportunity (no premise), second,

Prevent classic pyramid cloning death spiral


In order to prevent immediate dump after ICO

End, we decided to change the price / value

The token formula is as follows,

Where t


Is the number of tokens sold in the middle

ICO, pico

Represents ICO token price t


Indicates the total number of tokens currently in

Supply and tΔ

Representing price changes

Each token purchased in the pyramid.

Due to this formula, the price lower period

The whole life of this project will never be lower than


(starting price / ICO price); this is also

Make “preset” or development impossible

Buying relatively cheap tokens early.

Of course, people should not forget that this is

Just the current token value — and sell

The purchase of tokens will be paid in the form

The percentage of dividends selected by the buyer.

Dividends collected during the ICO phase will

Used to fund casino funds; regular

Dividend payments will begin during the period

Pyramid and casino launch stage.

One of the benefits of participating in ICO is that it

Tokens are always at least 3% higher

Actual cost. For sales, the same is true

Dividend cardholder fees are no exception

Apply to reduce the implementation cost to 2%.

The second major deviation from the standard

“Pyramid Protocol” is a variable containing

Dividend buy. When the user buys a token, he

Will specify which div percentage he will be in

Like to buy; the contract will track

User’s “average div percentage” will be used

Whenever a user receives a dividend or

Selling tokens.

Therefore, users always choose dividends

The percentage of buy, but must only sell him

The current average percentage of dividends, also

Receive dividends on his current dividend

Average percentage.

This opens up strategic choices for users

Choose when to “average decline” or “average”

“The average percentage of his dividend.

The execution of the dividend calculation is

Make us possible through the second invisible mark

Has been considered a “backend token”.

Every user does not know (and is not relevant)

Purchase tokens can provide users with some credit

The backend token is based on a simple formula:


These backend tokens are used for calculations

The dividend paid to the user is almost how

PoWH3D uses profitPerShare for calculations


This formula means that people who buy 100

25% div tokens will receive more than 2.5 times the token

More back-end tokens than people who buy 100

10% divs token — this is reasonable: a

25% of people who buy and get 2.5 times

More backend tokens will get more than 2.5 times

As a person who buys at 10% div.

Of course, the percentage of purchase div is higher,

The value lost as a div to other token holders is even more!

Therefore, users must choose the bonus wisely

He wants an average percentage.

Finally, Zethr includes a masternode system;

Everyone who owns someone uses his masternode

Link usually receives 25% dividend