Navcoin Investment Review

Unlike Bitcoin and other coins, NAV Coin (NAV) is one of the first crypto currency that is completely anonymous. Based on NAV Tech, the company’s own mixture of Bitcoin blockchain and the Subchain, Nav Coin transactions are scrambled and randomized to make sure that they are completely unidentifiable. The link between who sends the money and who receives, along with their IP’s and tracking info, are destroyed completely. Coupling this characteristic with the use of TOR, it’s possible to spend Nav Coins in complete privacy and safety. This hybrid Proof of Stake / Proof of Work cryptocurrency uses 13 hash functions to make sure that your transactions are not only anonymous, but also that it constantly works in an unbreakable environment.

All NAV transactions are encrypted, this makes it impossible to tell who sent what amount of NAV Coins. The core technology behind this crypto currency is based on splitting transaction in a random amount of parts, which are scattered across multiple blocks with small time delays to ensure maximum anonymity. Later on these fragments are joined back together, then split once more so that several identical transactions are created on the network.

The system is completely open source and its privacy-centric network has been designed to be fully decentralized. NAV Tech’s Subchain does not rely nor require a single point of failure where the transaction have to pass through, the nodes in the mesh network can be run independently, without needing a central server or database acting as a middle-man. The ethics behind this coin are based on a zero-trust system allowing the user to decide whether they want to delegate their powers to a third party or host their own, or even fork the project and write the Subchain as they prefer. This layered structure puts the end users in power and lets them decide, in complete autonomy and privacy, what happens to their finances.

Users that choose to ran a NAV Tech cluster can also independently decide what fee are they going to charge on thetransactions done through their network. This way server operational costs can be covered, and the revenue stream lets users generate income.

Usually this kind of safety measures and decentralization means long waiting times to get a value transfer going. Not the case with NAV Coin, where privacy and security are not implemented at the expense of speed. Thanks to 30s block times with an up to 20MB scalable block size, NAV transactions gets confirmed as spendable in a matter of seconds. This lightning-fast speed puts the coin in an extremely favourable position to become the perfect choice for merchants and retailers, both in digital and physical markets.

NAV wallets can be put on stacking mode, allowing users to receive up to a 5% interest which will guarantee profitability and less computational work. Proof of Stake will also ensure that mining can be advantageous in the long run, even on low power rigs such as NAV’s own NavPI: this fully open source project runs on low consumption Raspberry PI boards, allowing anyone to stake and store coins without affecting the environment.

These peculiarities have been helping NAV become famous and steadily growing since it was first publicly traded in 2014; its constant presence on the biggest cryptocurrency exchange markets have convinced more and more users to switch to this innovative coin, to the point that NAV became 3rd best performing crypto currency last year.

By the end of 2017, Nav Coin and the Subchain will be merged into a single multi-chain wallet. As soon as this step will be completed, NAV Tech scripts will be ported into this new wallet, and the clusters will be reworked to become an open, trustless mesh network of nodes. As the new Nav Coin core gets updated and merged with the anonymous subchain, developers will restart the blockchain and refactor the whole subchain source code with this new system.

These core changes will also allow to fuse together NAV Tech’s completely anonymous and decentralized transaction with their new partner Changelly, whose exchange market deals more than 35 cryptocurrencies. This fusion, called NAV Tech Polymorph, will permit NAV users to anonymize any coin listed by Changelly by sending it through NAV Tech, adding extra privacy and obfuscation while flipping between different currencies in a completely safe and untraceable manner.

At the time of writing, the development team already integrated Changelly’s API, so that the different cryptocurrencies offered by the system can be retrieved through the Sidechain. In the next future user interaction with this data will be implemented, allowing the user to check currency transaction times and fees.

One other important new feature that NAV Coin Foundation programmers are adding to the code base in 2017 is the possibility to implement smart contract, using the block chain and the Sidechain as BaaS (Blockchain as a Service). This feature will permit users to create anonymous decentralized applications (ADapps) on the secure NAV Tech system.

The upgrade NAV Coin and NAV Tech code will also provide some minor but important features to users, such as allowing them to use multiple output addresses, set variable fees on their transaction, delays value transfers to a certain date and hour and dummy transactions, which will prove useful especially to developers and new users.

These dummy SUB and NAV transactions happening between the nodes will also provide additional NAV Tech chain traffic, which will help obfuscate fund transfers on servers with little or no movement. Mesh node admins will be able to set an amount of fake transactions right from the backend, so that the identity of users passing through will be kept anonymous

But NAV developers do not exclusively focus on the barebones, low-level layers of the system.

To ensure maximum usability the coin needs to be easy to buy, a brand new purchasing platform will alow users to buy NAVs with fiat currency, PayPal, debit cards and the most common payment methods.

The next step to ensure a constant grow of adopters will be the creation of a complete set of secure, shared web wallets based on Copay, a cryptowallet based on JavaScript that will provide users with an easy to use platform to manage their resources, ensuring a smooth ride user experience. The same system will be used on the mobile wallet, currently offered exlusively on Android and soon to be offered also as a iOS app for Apple devices, making sure that NAV Coin and NAV Tech can be used across all possible platforms.

This includes the brand new NavPI, Nav Coin foundation’s own tiny rig based on the popular 35 USD single-board computer. A full rewrite of both the backend and frontend will guarantee ease of use and reduce maintenance to a minimum. The new frontend and backend on this tiny board, based on Angular2 served by NodeJS, will allowusers to store and stake NAV coins in a way that is not only extremely cost effective, easy to use and worry free, but also eco-friendly. For those that would like to run their own but lack the expertise that is required to start from scratch, the NAV Coin Store will soon begin to offer NAV branded NavPi units, shipped with memory cards preloaded with everything the users needs to run the node. This easy to use solution will permit even the less tech-oriented person to plug in, send coins and independently manage a server in total autonomy.

It’s really easy to see how much Nav Coin Foundation is investing in this project: the team has been working for 3 years and continuing to push the agenda, both on the development and the marketing side, making sure both pro crypto currency traders and new users have an advantage in using NAV Coins.

The whole team has been carefully working on all aspects of the coin, helping create one of the most loyal communities orbiting around a blockchain currency. The end user has always been put in charge of important decisions, and this has proven to be a great strategy to ensure constant growth even during critical times.

One of those was the activation of Segregated Witness, where consensus among the community was reached in just two weeks.

Seg Wit is an update to the core technology behind NAV Coin, which has to be approved by the mesh network where it’s going to be applied. This update will add more flexibility to NAV Coin’s blockchain and NAV Tech Sidechain, allowing them to implement all the updates included in the project roadmap, such as anonymous decentralized applications and the enforcement of smart contracts technology.

The market has responded really well to this community effort to make this crypto currency better, increasing NAV value against the US Dollar more than 300% times.

The solid technology behind this disruptive coin and the strong team and community have been keeping this growth trend steady, until April 2017 when the currency began skyrocketing. As the team progress with the project roadmap and new features are added, the amount of users and stacks keeps on increasing.

This growth trend, currently on the 0.40 USD mark / 0.00014002 BTC, will keep being steady and have a good uptrend . What makes NAV a very stable investment is the amount of features offered by this currency, which are nowhere to be seen in Bitcoin, Ethereum and other coins.

In the nearby future we can forecast an increase in the use of this coin, thanks also to the inclusion of NAV Coin to UQid crypto debit card platform. Users can now top up their UQid card with NAV, which then get instantaneously converted to USD, EUR or GBP. Both virtual and physical cards are available, and completely anonymous. This will allow people outside of the cryptocurrency communities to spend their NAV’s and give traction to the project.

It’s easy to tell what the future of this coin is going to be, considering all the peculiarities we have been discussing in this essay.

The tech behind this currency is strong and reliable, guarantees safety and -most importantly- the complete anonymity that is lacking in bitcoin.

Stacking NAV Coins is unproblematic, even on the least powered (5v!) computer; this means that there are less fees to be paid and that the carbon footprint of this currency is a tiny fraction of what we got used to with BTC.

The process of acquiring this currency and keeping it in a wallet has been simplified so much that makes NAV Coin the perfect solution for casual users, who are usually intimidated by how complicated cryptocurrency processing can be.

NAV Coins are perfect for merchants and traders, 30 second block times guarantee that there are no bottlenecks in the selling process, this shows to the world how easy and painless it can be to spend digital money.

Stacking interest is also another important factor that will help this coin skyrocket, increasing value even when being held by the owner.

This steady increase in growth makes NAV Coin an excellent long term investment, unaffected by the market fluctuations that normally scare people and traders off.

As smart contracts become increasingly more interesting for investors, NAV will become the preferred alternative to other blockchain technologies. The developers are continuously progressing and, as the version numbers get pushed, more ground breaking features get implemented in NAV Tech.

Unlike Ethereum, NAV Coin won’t suffer of the same hacking (most will remember the recent ETH DAO mishap), nor it will be influenced by the structural problems that affected Bitcoin wallets in the past.

The complete anonymity behind NAV Coin use is also a blessing for those entities that need to implement smart contracts and transactions in dangerous, undemocratic environments. This will turn NAV into an incredibly valuable tool, increasing it’s value and the necessity to include it as a main payment system.

All these factors are coupled with a polished interface, this guarantees that even people that are not used to deal with cryptocurrencies can safely buy, trade and stack this currency. It was a smart move for NAV’s marketing and developer team, well refined user interaction patterns ensure usability and as soon as the mobile and web wallets are ready we’ll see this coin uprise and pass other currencies by the end of 2018.


Investment Rating :- A+

Short Term Investment Risk/Reward Ratio :- 5/5

Long Term Investment Risk/Reward Ratio :- 2/8