London warmly welcomes Multiversum at Blockchain Expo

4th Generation Blockchain platform, Multiversum, will be demonstrating its revolutionary multi-dimensional blockchain at the London Blockchain Expo. On 18–19 April 2018, the Expo will be bringing together industry leaders for two days of world-class content and product presentation.

Presented in a series of top-level keynotes, interactive panel discussions and solution-based case studies, London Blockchain Expo focuses on learning and building partnerships between leading brands and developers in the emerging Blockchain space. The Expo allows stakeholders to explore industries that are set to be disrupted by blockchain technology and present this disruption to the global community — like Multiversum’s relational blockchain.

Multiversum addresses the primary concerns and bottlenecks of current blockchain platform arising from the way data is stored. Traditional blockchain stores data in linear chain, which not only is not optimal for storing heterogenous data, but also dramatically impacts performance due to inherent need to sequentially access data on this chain.

Multiversum’s multidimensional blockchain allows data storage based on relational structure and optimizes performance through splittable chains, resulting in transaction speed of 0.2 seconds per transaction. The blockchain also features unlimited scalability — supporting 64+ cores technologies for transactional throughput of 64,000 Tps (1000 Tps/core) on a 64 cores server, a next generation multi-currency wallet with biometric input, next to zero environmental footprint through its groundbreaking Proof-of-Integrity (PoI) consensus protocol, and tools that allow the generational leap to a safer Blockchain 4.0. These tools are able to create synergetic interoperability among cryptocurrencies, adapting to their specific needs and facilitating a neater and faster data flux.

Platform Update

Ahead of its main token sale kicking off on May 1st, Multiversum team is proud to announce the release of its blockchain explorer on its updated website. Users will now be able to scan and verify any transaction and address directly from any browser.








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