Multiversum: development of a real application for a voting system.

Multiversum is happy to share the technological research and development on which it is working.
At the moment we are also collaborating with the world of politics to be able to offer a vote system safe and immutable.
This would allow to get every vote written on blockchain, unchangeable, fostering a transparent politics, of guaranteed origin.
The research on which we are working is based on a complete hybrid vote system, both electronic and traditional, based on blockchain technology to ensure safety.

The System complies with the need of collecting the votes of the Italian citizens abroad, in an electronic and traditional hybrid system, through the access to the consulates, leading to a complete level of security and privacy. This both facilitates the access to the right of vote of all those citizens who cannot, for various reasons, personally go to the Consulate and guarantees for the Authority of Electoral Supervision the maximum level of security, regarding the management of data, obtainable in the current state of the art.
Blockchain’s security, guaranteed by mathematical algorithms, is absolutely superior to whatever other system based on trust chain, and cannot be compared to the one of the traditional, unreliable vote via letter.
Among the necessary security prerequisites there are the impossibility of tracing the vote, the impossibility of voting more than once or modifying one’s own vote and, compatibly with the state of technology of electronic identity documents owned by Citizens, the possibility of confirming the person’s identity.

Implementation of the vote system.

From the administration of Forza Italia for United Kingdom and Ireland, it has been confirmed the begin of London’s Political Office’s works, regarding the proposals aimed at improving the vote system for the Overseas Constituency.
In particular, it has been agreed to study the systems in effect in to study several voting systems worldwide at the moment, characterized by vote via letter, and the creation of an electoral register; this study will bring to a proposal of modification of the current vote rules concerning the Overseas Constituency.

In the same field, Forza Italia UK also intends to conduct a proposal that includes the implementation of an electronic vote system.
Forza Italia UK has commissioned a European company, managed entirely by Italians living abroad, Multiversum Crypto Systems LLC, a preliminary study and analysis of a system that considers the application of blockchain technology to the vote system currently at use in the Overseas Constituency.

It is indeed an extremely innovative proposal, which will be officially formulated only at the end of the study period already begun, and almost finished, by Multiversum.

Forza Italia UK intends to bring these proposals under close examination of the elected deputies and senators, hoping that this will produce, finally, an enhancement of the vote system abroad.




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