Multiversum: Discovering the east

Multiversum has awoken ideals, projects, plans, visions, and a new path way for blockchain development, bringing to life the full potentials of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Governmental bodies and corporate organizations are now waking up to developments of the limitation shattering capabilities this cutting-edge blockchain delivers. We have presented our technology to the Italian Parliament, Corporate bodies in Dubai, London, and now we are heading East!

The East has called and our founder himself, Andrea Taini, will be leading our talented team to present at 121 Tech Investment in Hong Kong. Tech Investment is a a major event showcase for leading players in technology and investors looking to get in on the ground floor of the next technological breakthrough.

Multiversum travels to Dubai — Seoul — Hong Kong — Shanghai.
Important meetings in the East

Breakthroughs like Multiversum.

We will be touching bases with our community and stakeholders in Hong Kong, having already booked appointments with major investors. And Hong Kong is just the beginning.

Multiversum will be gracing upcoming conferences and technological exhibitions in Shanghai, Seoul, and other tech hotspots around the globe as we take the blockchain revolution to the heights it deserve backed by our enthusiastic community!

We have also released our SDK tool and is being distributed crypto-enthusiasts and developers to put Multiversum Blockchain’s potentials to the test and see just our seamless and easy we’ve made developing for the blockchain.

Feel free to submit your feedback to Multiversum DEVs Team at @MultiversumOfficial

Multiversum. Here to stay!




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