Multiversum Launches Anticipated Token sale for Revolutionary Blockchain 4.0

Following our month long pre-sale event that dashed past our soft cap to the tune of $6 million, Multiversum, the world’s only 4th generation relational blockchain, is proud to announce the commencement of its highly anticipated public Token Generation Event (TGE). Kicking off on 1st May 2018 to end on 10th June 2018, our TGE will enable the general public to secure the future of blockchain technology in their hands by contribution to the event with generous bonuses. Throughout the six-weeks long event, participants will be rewarded on every contribution they make starting off with a 20% bonus for the first two weeks, 15% for the next two weeks, and 10% for the remaining two. Participants will be issued the platform’s unique ERC20 compatible tokens, eMTV. eMTV is a “placeholder” token for our blockchain native MTV coins which will be swapped 1:1 when our mainnet launches in Q1 2019

Multiversum, The Game Changer
Multiversum is an interoperable blockchain that utilizes a groundbreaking, relational “multidimensional structure” to store data for businesses, enterprises,government, banks, and any organization seeking to harness the power of blockchain technology for their operations.

The platform features enterprising concepts including a “Crypto Relational Database” that allows the spread of blockchain data across “multiple dimensions”. Having designed the system to boost flexibility and scalability, Multiversum will become the new 4th generation blockchain to support professional needs of businesses such as advanced and organized data storage solution that can handle series of related complex data in graphs or structures. Multiversum is backed by a consensus, “Proof of Identity”. The unique creation is light years ahead the consensus of proof of work (PoW) or proof of stake (PoS) pioneered by previous generation. PoW blockchains consumes excessive energy to authenticate every transaction, resulting in concerns from governmental and nongovernmental organizations for a robust platform offering the benefits of blockchain technology without the cost.

Multiversum is that platform.

An Improved Version of Generation 1,2, and,3

Multiversum uses a Proof-of-Integrity for building a consensus based on a cryptographic proof of server code. Other unique consensus run on its chain includes:

The platform also stands out as a blockchain that is capable of hosting and implementing both ERC20 and ERC23 tokens from other chains into its solution.

Multiversum Green Will Manifesto

Multiversum’s platform is also focused on ushering in a new movement on the blockchain. The goals of which is using blockchain in support of the world’s environment. The Green Will Manifesto is created by the Multiversum founder to touch on three core branches of human existence:

Multiversum will give back 1% of ICO sales to Charity in support of these causes.

Token Generation Event

The main event for Multiversum token sale starts on 1st May 2018 and ends on 10th June 2018. The incentivized event will reward contributions in the first two weeks with a 20% bonus, 15% in the third and fourth week, and 10% in the last two weeks.

141,000,000 eMTV tokens have been minted for the event out of which 76% will be made available to the public. Tokens will be distributed at $1 per eMTV and our hardcap has been set at $35,000,000.








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