Multiversum: Making the complex simple

Over the last few years, blockchain technology has taken the world by storm in terms of cryptocurrencies and ICOs.
This widespread acceptance of blockchain and cryptocurrencies has made worldwide financial transactions almost instantaneous without a third party interference.

But this blockchain technology has brought solutions and at the same time created its own problems, as its data structures are very complex to interface for the not so tech savvy especially the corporate environments.
Not only that, they do not provide a back-end control or access to system security and integrity.

These problems have made it difficult for widespread adoption by most institutional, industrial, financial and government based entities.
Although some cryptocurrencies are been used in the market, their complex implementations are setbacks that prevent them been used fully in major financial and economic areas.
We would take a look at how Multiversum solves this problem of complex data in the Blockchain Technology.

Ways Multiversum solves complex data problems in the Blockchain Technology

Relational Blockchain

Unlike other cryptocurrencies that are based on creating single blockchain forms, Multiversum is a 4th generation crypto relational blockchain. Multiversum uses a unique approach by creating flexible chains of data that meet the complexity of industrial and corporate environments.

It uses a new feature of blockchain where data are structured in multidimensional ways like tables as used in relational databases. Multiversum offers greater scalability and faster transactions as well as increasing its blockchain based security by validating and making structures immutable thereby increasing traceability.

Proof of Integrity (PoI)

Multiversum uses a proof of integrity (PoI) which is a validation based on the cryptographic proof of server codes which reduces the time and energy consumed during transactions. Unlike other time and energy consuming cryptocurrencies based on proof of work and proof of stake validation.

It applies blockchain functionality to its system but removing the legacy technical issues associated with blockchain, thereby increasing the security and reliability of the system, improving on the primary management of databases, in other words, making it more scalable.

Data layers in the Multiversum platform are enhanced using distributed and self-verifying structures of data entities where these data structures are related to another by symbolic links in the system.

Crypto Related Database

Using organized and advanced data storage solutions, Multiversum handles series of data entities that are grouped in graphs of complex data structures that are related to one another.
This means that data relations in the Multiversum blockchain platform are like first-class citizens which are assured using cryptographic methods. When a change of state is requested, each one of these relations in the platform will have its own sub-chain split from the original chain branch, to rejoin and be validated after the operation.

The Multiversum platform is an evolved blockchain technology, which is offering solutions to the complex data problem in the blockchain technology. Armed with its set of distribution and crypto-validating methods that are suitable for any environment whether Administrative, Financial, Governmental and Industrial.
All these are done with insignificant energy cost and almost zero environmental footprints.




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