Multiversum riding the wave, Summit and Convention.

Two-thousand-eighteen is an incredible year for Blockchain: the technology, and cryptocurrencies in general, are acquiring a great importance worldwide and have a well-established role in global economy by now.

In this scenario, Multiversum is riding the wave and broadening its network, gaining more and more success all over the world.

Recently, team key players took part both to Blockchain Expo in London and Dubai, seizing the opportunity to meet new investors, strengthening well-established collaborations and inaugurate new partnerships.
The great achievements obtained during these events lead us to undertake new initiatives: as we speak, Multiversum founders and some other team members are in New York to participate to Consensus, the 4th annual blockchain technology summit .

This convention will feature 250+ speakers and 4,000+ attendees from the blockchain world and several significant names of the industry will step up to have a voice: Nem has rented out an entire floor to showcase some of his top products.
Consensus give Multiversum a great opportunity to meet and greet important representatives of Crypto industry, and walk across to its goals.

Next Event: Global Blockchain Technology Summit in London — 17th May

Team will then fly directly to London where, starting from 17th May, will take place the Global Blockchain Technology Summit.

Global Blockchain Technology Summit.

Just next to important representatives of IBM, BT, DHL, Samsung and Deloitte, in fact, you will find Multiversum CEO, Andrea Taini, speaking about this revolutionary project, which has the aim to bring the Blockchain complexity in everyday life, making the complex simple.




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