Announcing the Boston Blockchain Week Newsletter

With the first Boston Blockchain Week behind us, and the dust settling from an exciting New York Blockchain Week, we couldn’t be more energized and inspired by the amazing projects and research that call the East Coast home.

Boston Blockchain Week may be over, but the blockchain buzz in Boston has not died down. In fact, it is just picking up. To keep the momentum going, we are announcing the Boston Blockchain Week Newsletter. Sign up here for a monthly newsletter highlighting Boston Blockchain news, thought pieces, job openings, and to stay up to date with all Boston Blockchain events.

We have also revamped the Boston Blockchain Week website to make it a year-round resource. Check out the People of Boston Blockchain Guide to meet the people making waves in the Boston Blockchain ecosystem, or keep an eye on our Boston Blockchain events calendar to register for all of your favorite Boston Blockchain meetups and conferences.

Stay tuned for announcement on Boston Blockchain Week 2019 — but before we start to think about next year’s event, we thought we’d take a minute to reflect on what an incredible Boston Blockchain Week we all had together. We knew Boston was a hotspot for cryptographic research and blockchain innovation, but the depth of the technology and quality of founders that came out to support the week truly blew us away. When we first started Boston Blockchain Week, we thought a handful of people would host less than a dozen events. We thought at most we would have 15 events during the week. In the end, over 65 companies brought 32 events to life (way to knock it out of the park, Boston).

And while the events were a blast, you really made the experience exceptional. Over 1,500 of you came out to attend the week’s events, and the best part was seeing some of you leaving with friends and business connections that will last a lifetime.

Missed the action? Don’t worry, catch up on what you missed here:

Sign up today for the Boston Blockchain Week Newsletter to make sure you’ve got your finger on the pulse of all things Boston Blockchain moving forward. Published at the beginning of every month, the Boston Blockchain Week Newsletter will feature the month’s most exciting events, recent blog posts and thought pieces, as well as Boston crypto news.

Follow along every month, or keep an eye on our events calendar here. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Boston Blockchain Week

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Blockchain Week (April 23–27) brings together hundreds of founders, developers and researchers to explore the evolution of #blockchain & #crypto.

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