Boston Blockchain Week is Live!

Today marks the first day of Boston Blockchain Week, and wow, we kicked it off with a bang!

Back in February, we started with just two events in the same week — the MIT Technology Review Business of Blockchain and the (Off) the Chain Summit presented by Pillar — when we had the crazy idea to devote an entire week to all things blockchain in Boston. We couldn’t have imagined how our community would rally to support the initiative, how many companies and universities would pitch in to bring the vision to life, and how many people would travel from near and far to be part of the conversation.

Boston Blockchain Week has grown to over 30 events, presented by over 65 partners, with thousands of attendees from Boston, Cambridge, NYC, Toronto, SF and beyond. From conferences to panels to workshops and developer trainings, the week is brimming with content for beginners and blockchain veterans alike.

Don’t forget — one of the most important aspects of this initiative is that it’s decentralized. You all showed up with force volunteering to host events across the city. The initiative has snowballed to become largest gathering of blockchain practitioners in our region, and together, we have officially surpassed our wildest expectations. We all made this happen, Boston.

This week ahead is packed with plenty of action. Here’s a quick snapshot of the 34 events on the calendar:

4/24 — NEVCA’s VC Briefing: Blockchain and ICOs

4/24 — Blockchain Fundamentals for Students

4/24 — Women & Blockchain Meetup: Fireside Chat with Sandra Ro

4/24 — Decred’s Jake Yocom-Piatt: Cutting the Head off the Snake

4/25 — Flipside Crypto Breakfast: Cryptocurrency Strategies for Accredited Investors

4/25 — Developer Training: Blockchain Fundamentals

4/26 — (Off) The Chain Summit presented by Pillar

4/26 — Blockchain 101

4/27 — Blockchain VC & Legal Office Hours

4/27 — The Secret to Media Success for Blockchain Companies

4/27 — Identity & Privacy on a Blockchain

Now let’s all make some noise! One of the objectives of Boston Blockchain Week is to showcase the important projects and research that call our region home. Tweet your event pictures, favorite speaker quotes, and more to @blockchainwk using #bosblockchainweek, and we’ll help spread the word.

If you have any questions, please reach out to

We look forward to seeing you all this week!

Boston Blockchain Week

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Blockchain Week (April 23–27) brings together hundreds of founders, developers and researchers to explore the evolution of #blockchain & #crypto.

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