Security Token Offerings have been knighted as “ the next step in the evolution of the cryptocurrency industry” for some time now, but are STOs actually worth the hype? Security tokens were supposed to be the saving grace we all have been waiting for, after the death of the Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in late 2018.

Before we jump into the questions like — whether STOs fulfill what they promised, are they fundamentally transparent, are they actually the most reliable crowdfunding mechanism, among others; we need to understand what actually STOs are and what prompted the industry to move towards…

As nations across the globe are trying to contain the virus, the COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare shortcomings in our health, science, government, and business organizations. With over 2.5 million infected and over 170,000 deaths, every continent except for Antarctica has been affected by the coronavirus and with numbers increasing, the crisis has frozen the lives of billions of people. The governmental stay-at-home orders along with the absence of a vaccine and solution have resulted in increased panic worldwide.

We have already seen the global economy plummeting and recession hitting our markets and jobs worse than ever, but hope still…

Forbes recently published the second edition of its Blockchain 50. The list aims to capture the billion dollar companies most active in blockchain. To be included in the Blockchain 50, a company must have a valuation above $1 billion.

A quick glance down the list reveals a mixture of banks, tech’s heavy hitters, FMCG companies, and a handful of crypto players. If you get anything out of this list, it should be this: the biggest companies in the world are working on blockchain technology right now.

We wanted to dive a little deeper into the Blockchain 50 and see if…

Welcome to the second Blockchain Weekly update from Blockdata. In case you missed last week’s post, you can find it on our blog. We have also published an overview of the major CBDC projects (central bank digital currencies).

Hyperledger releases version 2.0 of its popular Fabric platform [Ledger Insights]

Hyperledger, a project of the Linux Foundation and IBM, has released a major update to its enterprise blockchain platform Fabric. First released in 2017, Hyperledger Fabric has grown into one of the most popular open source DLT platforms used by many of the world’s largest firms. For a full list of improvements and new features, take a look at Hyperledger Fabric 2.0’s…

Blockchain seems to have the most potential in the oldest industries. The centuries-old practice of insuring against losses is no different. We compiled a list of 15 companies who are using blockchain technology to build a wide variety of innovative solutions in insurance. First, the table. Then we can get into why insurance is ripe for disruption through blockchain technology.

For more information on these projects, check our Blockdata profiles for Tierion, B3i, Insureum, VouchForMe, Everledger, Etherisc, FidentiaX, Teambrella, iChain, Rega, Poleecy, Halos, Nexus Mutual, Insurwave, and Addenda.

Looking into mainstream blockchain adoption shows that this technology can have the…

When we think about blockchain adoption, one of the first things that springs to mind is supply chain. According to Drew Volpe, Managing Partner at First Star Ventures, supply chain is “a natural place to apply blockchain technologies.”

Given the keen interest of some of the world’s biggest distributors and retailers, we decided to look at the blockchain startups that are driving this adoption. Below the table, we dive into the use cases these companies are tackling.

Research from McKinsey suggests that there are three main areas where blockchain technology can add value for supply chains:

  • Replacing slow, manual processes…

There is increasing belief that stablecoins represent a key step towards the widespread adoption of blockchain technology. Facebook’s announcement last week of Project Libra and JPMorgan’s JPMCoin initiative are just two recent examples of major companies working on stablecoin projects.

Because of this flurry of activity, we decided to take a deeper look at the state of the stablecoin market. We compiled our research into a free 31 page report which you can download on the Blockdata website.

Before we go into some of the background on stablecoins, here are some of our main findings:

  • More than half of the…

Some entries have been updated on August 20th, 2019.

2019 looks to be the year of the stablecoin. Since the beginning of 2017, 122 stablecoin projects have been announced but are still in development. We took a look at the projects with a stablecoin that have received the most outside funding.

A stablecoin is a class of digital asset which is designed to hold constant value relative to another asset. This other asset could be a commodity like an ounce of gold; a US Treasury-minted dollar (USD) or other currency; or another stablecoin.

You’ll notice that Gemini is missing from…

On Monday, just as New York’s Consensus blockchain conference was getting underway, crypto payments startup Flexa made a huge announcement: people can now spend crypto at 15 major retailers in the US. This means you can now buy anything from a coffee to a coffee machine with crypto.

That’s right: using an iPhone app, you can pay for goods in-store with bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ether, and Gemini dollar.

As we wrote in a recent article, there are two key advantages to crypto payments over traditional fiat transactions: 70% lower fees paid by merchants and settlement time within the hour, rather…

Today, we are taking a look at the most popular online retail and service providers that accept cryptocurrency as payment. For this list, we looked at companies that have more than $100 million in annual revenues. We included everything from satellite tv providers to shopping platforms. Visitor statistics were taken from SimilarWeb.


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