At BlockchainDefender, we understand how long it takes to build up a strong reputation and how quickly that reputation can come crashing down. We decided to see exactly how elements of a reputation, specifically the lack of trust in the cryptocurrency industry, affects market capitalisation. With the industry only having had around 10 years to create its reputation, what challenges does it face in terms of encouraging trust — and how does this impact its bottom line?

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Exploring Market Capitalization in Terms of Market Sentiment

Our report starts by exploring this connection directly. Based on our experience of analysing and quantifying online sentiment, we tracked connections between sentiment and the financial performance of cryptocurrencies. This study uses Google AdWords data such as total search volume, categorising mentions of crypto brands by positive, negative, or neutral sentiment. …

ReputationDefender’s newest service, BlockchainDefender, harnesses the experience of the industry leader for online reputation management. While ReputationDefender does not focus on a specific industry, BlockchainDefender focuses specifically on the blockchain industry. With this service, customers can maintain a strong reputation online, whether they are a project, businesses or individual. This allows for a strong first impression to be made on potential investors and customers.

ReputationDefender’s status is unmatched among online reputation management companies, something which BlockchainDefender builds on. BlockchainDefender utilises the skills and strategies of its parent company and applies them to the cryptocurrency industry.

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There are four specific types of BlockchainDefender customer: exchanges, blockchains/cryptocurrencies, ICOs, and individuals in the crypto space. While customers in different categories will see results from very similar methods, BlockchainDefender also provides customisation based on which category a customer fits into. Further customisation comes from the customer’s current online reputation along with their specific needs. …



BlockchainDefender helps blockchain companies, exchanges, ICOs and individuals in the crypto and blockchain industry with their online reputation management.

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