Not Just Better, It’s The BEST

Safest, fastest and the best is the Autoria’s commitment to the world. This is a powerful statement that goes with a great responsibility and will bring great change to the crypto world at the same time. According to Napoleon Bonaparte, “Victory belongs to the most persevering” this is a perfect quotation that best describes Autoria for bringing the best idea in cryptocurrency. Due to their perseverance, passion and dedication they come up with a fabulous master piece and unique ideas- that is the Autorium. 
 AUT (Autorium) is an ERC20 compatible automatic mining Ethereum smart contract built on the Ethereum blockchain. Yes, you read it right. Autorium has a unique automatic self-mining system that will completely amaze you and the whole world. This is an innovation that makes this company the best among the rest by looking for different possibilities and great opportunities to everyone. It believes that healthy cryptocurrency begins with a healthy distribution and mining system, thus, they aim to meet the needs of investors, users, and all Autoria stakeholders through this their unique self-mining system. 
 Now, that you know what makes Autoria the best, well this is the perfect time to know also how self-mining system works. Automatic mining is a totally new way of mining cryptocurrency. It allows for a completely transparent and fair token distribution model. What makes it different is that it does away with the need for graphics cards (proof of work) or mining pools (proof of stake). Instead, automatic mining registers unique Ethereum addresses, or “Wells”, as repositories of Autorium. Through this there will be fair distribution of coinage and it will be protected using a mathematical formula that is a function of the Ethereum blockchain. It makes the system the safest and fastest. 
 Because Autoria is the best, their commitment does not end by providing the perfect coinage system but by developing a healthy and sustainable economy also. Well, definitely they are striving to give their best that is why their commitment is a never ending process of growth and development. Of course, in the long run, the system itself will not prosper if the economy at a whole will not be develop, so, as the best company Autoria will provide the best benefit for all the people who are willing to be a part of this innovative community. One of the benefits that they pledge is that Autorium will be distributed equitably forever. This means that every token holder who took part in the ICO will be receiving equitable profit without any risk and hassle at all due to their self-mining system. 
 Are you now ready to meet the best and unique cryptocurrency brought to you by Autoria? If you do, just visit their website at to know more about this exciting cryptocurrency. For your information The first phase of our ICO will be 1 week long, Mining Wells will be automatically registered to the Ethereum address used to fund the project. The Autorium smart contract make initial distributions automatically after the ICO is completed. After the first 1 week long phase of the ICO, if the ICO cap has not been reached, initial distribution price per token (and thus, Mining Well registration) will increase by 30%. Investors are encouraged to register their Mining Wells early, as additional Mining Wells cannot be created after the initial offering is completed. So better register now and see the details in 
 Don’t miss the opportunity of being part of the BEST crptocurrency because participants in the initial distribution will continue to receive proportional amounts of AUT as a function of the Ethereum blockchain and their contribution. So the choice is in your hand folks!