Crypto Racing Tron version is coming soon!

Mar 12 · 3 min read

Crypto Racing is the first RACE idle game based on Tron. The racing cars and parts are unique digital assets.

In Crypto Racing, there are more than 1000 powerful racing cars and equipments waiting for you to collect and develop, and you can experience different gameplay such as daily matches, explore and plunder system, arena , global competitions, etc. And rich bonus is waiting for you

1. Equipment Development

In Crypto Racing, you can open a Toolbox with TRX to get 1 racing parts. Open multiple Toolboxes at once can enjoy a certain discount.

There are eight attributes in the game: productivity, attack, defense, plunder, productivity+%, attack+%, defense+% and plunder+%.

8 types of racing parts, each of which corresponds to one attribute.

Each part has 5 quality (N, R, SR, SSR, UR). The higher the quality, the better the attributes.

With 3 pieces of the same kind of racing parts of the same quality, the higher quality parts can be obtained through the technical synthesis system until the UR quality.

UR quality parts can be inlayed; based on the properties of the UR parts, the attribute addition factors of 1~5 diamonds are: 120%, 150%, 190%, 240%, 300%.

After the parts are set to the price, they can be sold to other players in the market. Parts on sale cannot be worn and synthesized.

2. Match System

Match system is the core of Crypto Racing, including rich PVP and PVE gameplay such as daily match, exploration and plunder system, and global competitions.

Daily match need to switch to the “Racetrack” page, select any car to compete, and get a certain match bonus according to the attribute of the car. According to the value of the parts attribute, the value of the car’s power can be converted. The higher the power, the more match bonus you can get in the game.

Explore and plunder system is a special PVP play in Crypto Racing. You can select a player to challenge by the random matching system, and plunder the match bonus according to the attack, defense, plunder value and bonus of both sides. More match bonuses mean more dividends.

In the arena, you can choose to set up a arena or challenge other players. The setter consume TRX to set up, and if the challenger wants to challenge, it needs to invest the same amount of TRX. At the end of the game, the winner receives 90% of all TRX , the remaining 5% enters the bonus pool, and 5% is the developer commission.

3. Bonus and Dividends

The bonus and dividends are very important in Crypto Racing.

The match bonus is an important basis for your dividends. You can earn match bonus through daily match and explore and plunder system.

80% of the TRX consumed by purchasing cars, opening toolboxes, and so on will enter the bonus pool.

Every day at 12 am, we will pay dividends based on the bonus pool funds and match bonus that the player received on the day.

We use 8% of the bonus pool to share dividend each day.

Crypto Racing

Twitter: @racing_crypto


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World’s first crypto racing idle game

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