What’s the Cryptube:

Mar 19 · 2 min read
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In full, it is called Crypto Tube.

We know that sharing a story isn’t all we crave. We always desire to share with the right or like minds who can easily relate with little effort. Before now, we’ve had several social media platforms most of which are for general use. A simple story, single inspired thought, a simple image, few seconds of video shared with the right folks can inspire a world changing idea.

Perhaps few of your friends can relate to your funny GIFs posted on your Facebook, or your preferred Crypto logo on your Instagram but even less can relate to your few seconds video talking about the blockchain technology. Things were fun from the beginning when your thoughts and posts were general and could be understood by your basic friends, families and other followers. Now it’s not just the color, location, beliefs and languages that divides us, but our various expeditions and choices of certain developing technologies; blockchain.

So, if you are in the crypto and blockchain world and you found yourself second-guessing the thought of promoting or posting your blockchain related feeds on Facebook, Instagram etc. you are not alone. Your ideas, ads, discoveries and memories in this lane is highly important to encourage and support various innovations and advancement. This is one of the major reasons behind the development of Cryptube. An idea borne out of the need to create a different social media platform for the blockchain technology enthusiasts.

Blockhives whitepaper

Cryptube is a free specific-purposed social media platform where all users are cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiasts. There, each user gains real followers who can truly relate with all shared posts and ideas, hence piloting the advancement of the blockchain vision. It provides a similar environment to what’s offered by Instagram and others but with specific use for the blockchain ecosystem. Users will have the opportunity to share Images, Videos, GIFs etc. with their followers and gain contributions. They also have the liberty to share the links in the Blockhives chat boxes for greater participation.

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Email us at: info@blockhives.io for more information and partnership opportunities.


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Blockhives can be perceived to be an environment where all crypto enthusiast converge to discuss, share information and influence the blockchain growth.

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