DAPP Series — Decentralized Gaming Industry

We now talk about our gaming industry and decentralization. E-sports, MOBA, social party rooms and so on… all of us believe in the fact that the potential of our gaming industry starts being explored from time to time. Indeed, in 2018 gaming has been an industry worth $99.6 billion, and social media network has acted a crucial role in shaping it. In accordance with a Statista research, American social gaming industry is USD 2.15 billion worthy last year, whereas that in Asian countries is USD 0.45 billion more. Here we can see the growing trend of digital transformation is the combination between social media channels and the gaming industry.

In 《Jot Your Day》, “blockchain” and “decentralization” are usually the keywords among articles, let alone to today’s gaming report. Having a cup of Cappuccino and taking a glimpse of Cointelegraph and Coindesk every morning, there are more new blockchain technology applications unravelled each day. Besides financial transaction tools, agriculture businesses, energy companies, and the art world integrating the technology into their field, gaming has been on spotlight in our future decentralized world. How many cases this time? 3!

1. CryptoChips

GMO Internet, one of Japanese giants, rolled out and will start their latest project in August 2018 — “CryptoChips by GMO” that integrates cryptocurrency into remuneration inside the game applications.CryptoChips will be mounted on the mobile app games and make players easily get cryptocurrency as rewards within their gaming time, which relies on the players’ rankings and missions fulfilled by them in a limited time. Amid the project’s first phase, CryptoChips will be linked with a real-time territorial strategic game — “Whimsical War,” and users have the possibility of getting Bitcoin distributed according to their rankings in the game!

2. The Abyss

The Abyss! This project is usually famous among crypto lovers for its new ICO feature, DAICO. The Abyss is an all-round digital gaming platform embedded with tokenomics. It goes for all kinds of video games and grows a global gaming community from MMORPGs to crypto mini games, even involving AAA level GOTY! Meanwhile, it is constructed to be a multi-layer referral mechanism among various stakeholders in the gaming industry, significantly tightening the mutual relationship between gamers and developers thanks to direct P2P payment system. More importantly, The Abyss is led by a prestigious Russian gaming company, Destiny.Games founded by Konstantin Boyko Romanovsky. Besides most features we could find in existing centralized platforms like Steam, the unique selling point of the Abyss platform is the integration of DAICO concept developed by Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Butrin into their token sale strategy. What DAICO contracts can provide is a mechanism where users can contribute their funds to the project for the project’s tokens. Once the token sale period ends, the contract will prevent all from contributing any further. As a result, the if the projects are implemented with the DAICO concept, it will make developers bear a level of accountability in mind.

3. Yumerium

Yumerium is a platform to publish and promote games utilizing cryptocurrency and blockchain technology across all platforms including PC, mobile, and VR. The goal of Yumerium is to create an ecosystem that revolves around game developers which incentivizing gamers to play, win, and have fun YUM is the Yumerium Token and it will be used on the platform’s gaming system to help players get access. It can also be earned by playing, sharing and reviewing games and spent in any gaming network or system that supports Yumerium. Game developers can use YUM to attract and engage with users by using marketing tools such as referral bonus or airdrop/bounty campaign.