A small history of humankind’s job systems: from self-sufficiency to full autonomy

When reading this text, you are probably sitting in front of your computer or you are reading it from your mobile phone. Have you ever thought about who or what is to be thanked for all these technological advances we are able to enjoy on a daily basis?

Scientists? Manufacturers? Big international companies?

No (well, technically speaking yes, but you get the point).

This all has become possible because we have a system that allows us to combine our knowledge and talent with the money of those who are better off and can afford to research and produce the newest technology.

A mutually beneficial relationship that assures that we get paid enough to afford a living while trading in our work and time in order to build all the things our society is craving for.

But as you might be aware of, this whole system — while being responsible for all the things that we love — isn’t perfect.

But in order to understand what makes this system good and where it is lacking, we’ll first need to dive a little bit into history and look at how things used to be and how the current system came to be.

Self-sufficiency — A System from the Past

Well, back in the time, when we didn’t have all these fancy things such as phones, PCs or even electricity (How would anybody survive without electricity?), people were mostly self-containing. But what does that mean?

Well, there wasn’t any kind of work relationship. Families or small settlements each produced enough to survive on their own and only occasionally were willing to trade with others, and those trades were only about food and other items.

There wasn’t really the same kind of specialization as today. Of course, there were people who knew how to make clothing and those who knew how to run a farm, but there’s only so much a small settlement can achieve on its own.

And back in those days, there simply was no law that guaranteed your rights in any way — if someone was stronger, they simply took whatever they wanted.

There was no security and therefore no incentive to engage in any kind of work relationship.

But that all changed in time…

These romans are ingenious!

While the romans were certainly not the first people to invent a legal system, the roman law was one of the most influential systems for many of the civilizations that came after them and the roman law is still taught in universities in many countries.

Well, and now guess what. The romans included labor laws in their legal system, which have revolutionized the way their society worked and have led to many great achievements and inventions.

Because a certain degree of security makes people more likely to engage in mutually beneficent activities. And what is more secure than a contract that holds its ground in the court of law?

This newly invented form of work relationship has led to the degradation of self-sufficient family clans and has enabled society as a whole to advance further due to the ability to specialize in certain fields of labor while at the same time being able to support a family.

And just look at how we remember the romans nowadays? As an ingenious people that has made many advancements in technological and societal aspects and which could hold its ground against many of the strongest foes of mankind’s history.

And even just taking a look around certain sights still available in modern-day Italy shows just how much the romans have achieved.

And while the labor laws were certainly not the only reason for the romans’ successes, it was one of the most influential inventions of their time.

So, and where are we now?

Well, where are we?

We haven’t advanced that much honestly.

Work relationships are still based on bilateral contracts that guarantee payment for the worker and a completed job for the employer.

All those years and not a single breakthrough?

Well, there wasn’t much room for improvements for paper-based contracts. You have a text that states the rules and both parties have to play by those. You see, there simply is not much else you can add.

So how can we advance work relationships even further?

Well, in today’s day and age we have this fancy new development called Internet and computers. And guess what, the Internet and computers are exactly the right thing to give humanity a push in the right direction.

But how?

Well, let me specify the solution: blockchain technology!

The first Decentralized Autonomous Job Market (DAJ)

The Blockchain enables us to create a completely autonomous and transparent job market that gets rid of a bunch of problems for hard-working people like you and me: The first Decentralized Autonomous Job Market the world has ever seen, the Blocklancer platform.

But what do all those words mean?

Well, autonomous means that this whole system isn’t run a by a certain small group of people; a single authority with the power to overrule the majority and change the rules in their favor.

No, Blocklancer is owned and run by the token holders, who have the power to change certain aspects of the system, such as the height of the fees.

But that’s not all. The token holder tribunal is a system invented in order to settle disputes between clients and freelancers fair and square. No more intransparent decision making by illusive authority figures, this whole system is a thing of the past.

As you can see, this whole platform is run and organized by the token holders, and not by some owners who are only keen on making a bunch of money.

And decentralized?

Well, in contrast to most current systems, the contracts made on Blocklancer aren’t stored in a centralized database, where shady people could simply manipulate them in their favor.

No, everything is stored on the blockchain, where not a single person can access and change the entries made. Everything is documented gapless and there’s simply no possibility of manipulation. The whole thing is as transparent as it gets.

And these two points are only a small excerpt of the Blocklancer platform’s features. From freelancer and client verification, in order to increase mutual trust, to some of the lowest fees on the market, so that freelancers can still afford to eat.

Blocklancer is the long awaited job market breakthrough, which entails a new age of work life.

If you haven’t heard of the Blocklancer project yet, then read up on it immediately and delve into the same fascination that I did.

Thank you for reading my long text and hopefully I have convinced you of the importance and the potential of Blocklancer.

All the best

The Blocklancer Team


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