Hayek and the De-Nationalisation of Currencies

The idea of allowing people to use whichever currency that they chose for themselves is not a relatively recent concept. Gold, silver, and other rare commodities have been used as a form of money since ancient times in the absence of coinage or other currency. However, in the field of economics, such an idea is only being considered by economic libertarians.

Friedrich August von Hayek

As a supporter of economic liberalism, Friedrich August von Hayek believes that the global economy will be more efficient if the number of currencies circulating would be reduced. …


Stablecoins are digital tokens that are designed to maintain a stable price, usually backed by a reserve asset, or are controlled algorithmically. These reserve assets could be cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies. Their popularity among the world is unrivaled as they attempt to offer the best of both worlds: offering price security cryptocurrency combined with the benefits of blockchain technology. These projects aim to generate real-world use cases in a bid to replace fiat currency.

The ingenuity of the blockchain industry has also sprung up multiple stablecoin projects, each with their own unique views of how to regulate cryptocurrencies. …

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