Play BlockMagic in your Browser and Pick your Family 💧🌱⚡️🔥

Sep 16, 2018 · 3 min read

BlockMagic is the first RPG running on the Ethereum Blockchain, our Alpha version is available here. Join our community on Discord and Reddit to receive updates about BlockMagic.

Hello Wizards,

This week has been incredible with our first users joining BlockMagic and grabbing their first ERC-721 Magic Items. While this is a very early version, it has been very exciting to view users/wizards interact with each others in our magical universe.

In our first public iteration, our users had to download BlockMagic on their computers and we automatically created a new Ethereum Wallet (stored locally) for them. We quickly realized that this was causing too much friction for our users.

So we spent the last few days working days and night with one goal in mind: to make BlockMagic available directly in the browser.

We are very excited to announce that we managed to create a version of BlockMagic that is working directly in the browser and that is interacting with the Ethereum Blockchain with Metamask.

This is very exciting because our players on a Desktop can now join BlockMagic and our magical 3d universe with a single click without installing anything and they can play with their already existing Metamask Wallet.

Pick your Family 💧🌱⚡️🔥

BlockMagic players are being divided in 4 families:

Players are now able to join one of the four families: Aquazin, Grassior, Thund’r and Warmoz

For the first time, players can now join the family of their choice and will soon have access to their own family room (the access will be exclusive to family members) when we officially open the castle next week.

Choose carefully, once you join a family you can’t change it!

Players will soon have access to the interior of the caste

The First Quest and the Legendary Beasts 🐉

While our Alpha gave a good first look at what BlockMagic could be, it’s definitely lacking some gameplay. Today we are officially announcing that the first BlockMagic quest will be launched this week.

In BlockMagic, there are exactly 100 legendary beasts (each of them being unique), they will be released or will appear in the game as we move forward.

There is a very rare Dragon (there are only 6 unique dragons in BlockMagic) hidden in the castle and the first quest is to find it. The first player to find the Red-Dragon will win 1,500 MAGIC and will become the owner of the Dragon (an ERC-721 token).

The Red-Dragon is one of the six Dragons available in BlockMagic

We will share more details about the Quest in the next few days, make sure to join our Discord channel or newsletter to know when it starts!

Good luck to all of the Wizards!


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BlockMagic is a unique RPG taking place in a magical world. It’s powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

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