BlockMesh Update: MeshEx Keyring Booster

For the past week at BlockMesh, we’ve been hard at work on our hardware production as we look to fulfil our vision of connecting the unconnected through a decentralized, cost-free communications network. For more on what we’ve accomplished in April, have a look at our monthly roundup here.

We’re proud of the progress we’ve made recently and as such, we want to give you a sneak peek into the workings of our hardware development team.

Watch the short video below of our MeshEx Keyring Booster in action. This is the beta testing phase of our keyring booster chipboard and functionality. Once finished and available to the market, the MeshEx Keyring Booster will extend the mesh networking range of one’s smart device to up to 15kms (9.3 miles).

Beta testing the MeshEx Keyring Booster.

Extending the mesh network range is very important to the success of our vision, as having a larger network range means that our users will be able to connect and communicate at any time — at little to no cost. Thus, the keyring booster will better enable the peer-to-peer communications network so that our #Meshies can make calls, send text messages, files and more.

Key features:

Long battery life (+24 hours)
Lightweight and portable
Easy to use design
Built-in display 
Low energy Bluetooth
Built-in relay radio for transmission (up to 15kms) 
Built-in radio antenna

We’re also working on a mining algorithm which, once developed, will allow for tokenization. This will reward its owner with tokens that are ‘mined’ by supporting the network. Network support is classified by each MB of data that passes between your device(s) and others in the BlockMesh network.

Other dApps can also be built on this network, offering a full spectrum of new use-cases. We foresee massive synchronicity with the IoT industry as others take advantage of our growing network to create new and varied solutions.

We’re soon approaching the final testing phase so keep an eye on our website and social feeds for more updates. We’ll also offer community members the chance to join the revolution as a beta-tester.

As always, find out more on our website or join our Telegram group.


This product is still in development phase and this video does not represent our final product. This is proprietary technology and is under patent to BlockMesh.