Introducing MeshCover — the first hardware product that brings 100x increase to the network range.

BlockMesh — a software company working in communications and cryptocurrency — utilizes the latest innovations in mesh networking technology to create cost-free communication networks and aims to disrupt the global communications industry in 2018.

BlockMesh has successfully secured all the patents filed for their first hardware product, the MeshCover. The MeshCover is a smartphone cover designed to dramatically increase the range of their mesh network.

The mesh network is their underlying technology which will enable their goal of cost-free communication. A mesh network is created when a group of devices pass information from one device to another. This means a message sent from one user is securely passed through the network until the intended recipient is reached.

Traditionally, mesh-based devices can pass data within a maximum range of 150m. The MeshCover extends this distance to 15km, effectively expanding the network range by 100x. For example, with only 10 MeshCovers BlockMesh can ensure that a city as large as London is connected to the BlockMesh network.

This means it’ll take significantly fewer early adopters to set up a stable BlockMesh network in any given area, and the locals will be able to start communicating for free, faster. Having spent 2 years in research and development, MeshCovers are a crucial component of their rapid growth and adoption goals for 2018.

The MeshCover uses internal radio frequency and Bluetooth capabilities to create a mesh network. The MeshCover gathers data packages from the surrounding mobile devices and sends them to another MeshCover where the packages can be converted into Bluetooth data and sent along the mesh network.

Smartphones connect to MeshCover via Bluetooth and the cover and device will charge simultaneously via a single charging point. The cover’s independent power source also extends the battery life of your smartphone.

BlockMesh acknowledges that other software companies are trying to make mesh networks mainstream but BlockMesh is the only company that offers both software and hardware solutions to bring their vision of cost-free communications to reality. With the MeshCover they are better positioned to expand their network at a local and global scale.

Price and availability of the MeshCover will be announced soon. Stay tuned to their website, Telegram chat, Twitter, Slack and Facebook to learn more about MeshCover and other BlockMesh technology and updates before the ICO on 28 February 2018.