How to Increase Alexa Rank Quickly for free

Let’s face it, people absolutely love attaching rankings on many things, including websites. These statistics help webmasters compare and contrast various similar metrics among competitors.

One of the most well-known (and aged) metrics created for this purpose is the shameful Alexa Rank. — Why Shameful might you ask? Well the primary reasoning is because there are actual reputable tools such as Google Analytics and Clicky which provide much more accurate and real-time data for webmasters. Since Alexa obtains all their information from a browser toolbar extension, many will argue its inaccuracy.

Ranking of a semi popular website

Why do people still use the Alexa ranking? Although the metrics have been known to be very arbitrary, there are businesses that still rely on the rank to estimate traffic on a website they have interest in without having access to direct analytic tools. Many advertising agencies will use it to “get a feel” of how popular your website is before approving your contract.

Now that we have gone over the basics of the Alexa rank, we reveal how to increase the Alexa rank for a website.

You may want to increase your Alexa ranking for the following reasons:

  1. General optics to the public
  2. Intimidate your competitors
  3. Showcase your company establishment

It is not overly hard to increase your Alexa ranking with the proper tools. Below we provide you with steps required to boost any website ranking.

We use an application called Traffic Starter to send Alexa compatible traffic to our site. This program is safe, free and perfect for what we are trying to accomplish.

Step 1

Create an account at Traffic Starter.

Step 2

Login to your account and navigate to the Add New Website page.

Step 3

Enter your website details which you would like to send traffic to. Below is an example on how to fill the form (Click to enlarge).

Step 4

Press submit and you will see your website displayed on your dashboard. You will be able to track the amount of hits your link receives. When you have received 100 hits to your website, you can delete and re-enter the link to get more traffic until your Alexa rankings start to rise.

Step 5

You are done!

Alexa takes awhile to update their rankings so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see progress immediately. Make sure you re-add your website daily (or whenever you reach the 100 hits) to receive a sufficient flow of traffic.

Check your rankings after a week and you should notice a drastic increase! Enjoy.