BlockNotary Microoracles Win Wanxiang Blockchain Labs’ Grant

Block Notary
May 31, 2016 · 1 min read

Wanxiang Blockchain Labs have offered a grant to support an open source initiative as to creation of two Ethereum-based microoracels that our team had developed. The support will be provided to previously released Proof of Phone, and a new contract — Proof of GitHub. The latter allows for confirming ownership of a GitHub account using an Ethereum wallet.

Project Perspectives

A group of microoracles may be later integrated into a unified Identity DAO in order to establish a multi-level identification system. Such system may be applicable in existing blockchain-based projects, and may potentially be integrated in existing financial and banking services.

As a reminder, our team has recently won a prize for the best usecase of Ethereum’s framework Truffle by creating Proof of Phone over the course of Consensus Blockchain Hackathon in New York.

Block Notary

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Blockchain enabled mobile products: Timestamp (Proof of Existence), Interview (Know Your Customer), Journal (Electronic Notary Journal)

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