weekly report

Greetings to all members, supporters and well wishers of the blockoptions project.

new teams members have been added in other to ensure delivery on due dates

we are working on new front and tightening back end .. we are also working to solve the issues on present MVP…


this is weekly report

will BOP be listed in big exchanges ?

MVP is still under main net for testing http://demo.blockoptions.io/

massage from development team ‘We are working on a new front end frame, will replace current one and also improve the backend/smart contrat’

by December we will go in to full scale marketing and advertising

weekly updates..

MVP on main net join in testing

MVP testing has been moved from test net and it is now on main net which is open for public testing.

we would be glad if you join us in testing.. follow this link https://demo.blockoptions.io/

feed backs be it negative, positive, suggestive, advise etc .. would be highly welcome as this is necessary for building the ultimate product


Solved all problems related to bounty payments

At this point we want to believe all problems related to bounty token distribution has been solved.
we made first payments according to this list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1T6eieSiHcbpf2-uO8JIfVCpU_Q-5wbjFDi5EnCTjRGQ/edit?usp=sharing . We had dozens of complains. relevant ones were taken down on this list https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NhcYIyZp96L6MXbgzi9CcWr3WBCKGkZ-kBqLOAJ3q88/edit?usp=sharing and they have all been paid.

The whole bounty hunt process up till this moment has been a success. we thank you all for the support.


BlockOptions is a blockchain Binary Options Dapp running on ethereum blockchain. More info: http://blockoptions.io

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