Blockoptions — The First Decentralized Binary Options Platform on Ethereum Blockchain

Blockoptions. ‘The 1st decentralised binary trading option platform’ announces ICO launch on august 25 2017 at 00.00 CET to fund further project development. The crowdsale will continue up until september 25 2017 at 00.00 CET.

Blockoptions is the first 100% on-chain binary option trading platform that bring bank roller and traders together without the need of any middle man. Both bankroller and trader do not need to know each other not to talk of trust each other.

Behind this project is a team of successful, determined and dedicated individuals who have know success in significant amount of venture they have embarked on. This team has been working behind closed doors on this project for the past 5 months. blockoptions is one of the few projects on ICO with a complete MVP version which is currently being tested by project adopters all over the world.

20,000,000 standard erc20 Etheium token called BOPT will exist in total. 1.25% (250,000BOPT) will be used for bounty hunt, 7.5%(1,500,000BOPT) for system reserve and 1.25%(250,000BOPT) will go to the dev team. The rest 90%(18,000,000 BOPT) are to be sold out to token holders during PRE-ICO and ICO. Token will be gotten at a 50% discount on pre-sale face of the ICO and at a 20% discount on the first week of the ico letter to 10% discount on the second week and then at the normal price of 200BOPT per ETH

at the final stage of ICO. BOPT will be brought exclusively with etherium. any undistributed tokens left after crowdsale will be burned.

BOPT token will be used as dividend to token holders and as an in-trade currency alongside with ETH. tokens will be distributed immediately during ICO purchase. BOPT token price will always be constantly increasing due to limited supply and an expansion of user base.

The development team ensures this by using it as an in-trade currency and a dividend to token holders. There are also plans to add them on exchanges.

Blockoptions and it’s token holders do not make profit out of trader’s loss as traditional binary option platform do. Rather, they make profit out fees pre trade. So there is no reason for Blockoptions to enforce measures that will make traders lose more as traditional binary option platform do. The fee per trade will stand between (0.005 eth — 0.01 )eth but the exact amount will be announced before final product release.

The development team is quite sure of it success

The binary option industry is a multi-billion dollar industry where top companies make from 150m to 300m profit per day. It has millions of active traders per day which is rapidly expanding. Despite all of this, if you do some research on google, you will find out that more that 90%

of these platforms never stand the test of time as they collapse before 1 year of time either because they are scams or are unable to continue with management cost. Blockoptions provides a solution to all of this by taking every aspect of binary option trading to the block chain where everything is transparent,secure and fast. We have completely deal with the issue of trust and have gone a greater depth to remove some of the annoying limits in the industry.

Blockoptions promises to be a game changer.

After ICO, the beta version of Blockoptions will be released. Anyone can become a bankroller just by locking up some amount of ETH or BOPT token in smart contract without incurring any start up and managing cost. Anyone can also become a trader by trading on 30+ assets found in blockoptions without creating any account and wins goes directly to trader’s wallet so no withdrawal issues.

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BlockOptions is a blockchain Binary Options Dapp running on ethereum blockchain. More info:

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BlockOptions is a blockchain Binary Options Dapp running on ethereum blockchain. More info: