The WebID service provides a guided onboarding process with full web experience and branding, including an auto-generated branded merchant page with logo, service description and requirements. Businesses can select different levels of identity verification and KYC & AML screening, as well as centralized management and data analytics for regulated industries. This process seamlessly accommodates onboarding of existing Blockpass users via their reusable identity profile as well as new users to Blockpass. Read more…

There are a huge number of instances in which effective identity verification and KYC provision could be implemented to improve the situation. One of the most obvious is by ensuring that the healthcare providers and patients are who they say they are. A secure solution to do this would not only cut out the danger of people stealing others’ identity and healthcare insurance or coverage, but would also enable the possibility of providing remote consultations and prescriptions. Read more

In this edition of our newsletter we bring you the latest news and developments from Blockpass. Our first announcement this week concerns our latest strategic partnership in Tozex. We also have our latest blog, which details how hackathons are now being used to develop possible solutions to issues brought up by the current coronavirus pandemic, and maybe shield us from future ones. Two new additions to the Blockpass Marketplace feature below with Slogold and MAXCORP. Highlighting a previous article, we also look at how various technologies might contribute to developing improved products and services in the future. Finishing off, we talk to Alexander Savy about his work as a Partnership Executive here at Blockpass. Our best wishes and thanks to all those still practising social isolation as we all do our part to combat the spread of COVID-19. Read more

Blockpass’ KYC Connect is a core element of Liquidstar’s Decentralized Autonomous Utility management stack, providing digital identity profiles for members of the DAU ecosystem and another example of how Blockpass’ is bringing KYC, AML and digital identity solutions to a range of businesses and organizations that need digital verification of trust in an increasingly remote world of COVID-19. Find out more…

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Companies, political parties, municipalities, cooperatives and other organizations are all legal entities that exist, with statuses, rules and regulations that change depending on jurisdiction. All of these legal entities need to be registered organizations that need to have shareholders or directors identified. Thus, the need for KYC and identity management for legal entities is obvious. Read more

The new world of the coronavirus is forcing businesses, organizations, and social groups to ensure that individuals are COVID-19 free in order to reduce the risk to employees and members.

At Blockpass, we have a fast, efficient, private and secure digital identity solution for any COVID-19 testing service. This will allow people that are new tested to store, control and update their passed test credentials for digital submission to businesses, organizations, groups and events. Find out more here

Since COVID-19 spread from China in the New Year and became a global pandemic within weeks, the world has turned into an unrecognizable place. This has forced governments, businesses, schools, universities, and all types of organizations to adopt new methods of operation or effectively shut down. Now more than ever, the world needs secure, reusable digital identity and KYC to meet the demand of a global remote working revolution. Read more here.


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