Step-By-Step User Guide to Activating PASS Tokens

The following is a user guide to activating PASS tokens…

  1. Download Blockpass mobile application v1.3 from the appropriate app store
    a. Apple iOS :
    b. Google Android :
  2. Create an identity
    a. Input Email address
    b. Verify email address with a 6-digit pin
    c. Choose a password
    d. Activate biometrics (on compatible devices only)
  3. Build profile — For token activation, only name, passport and selfie are required
    a. On home screen, tap on ‘Build your profile’ button
    b. Input Given names
    c. Input Family name
    d. Take a picture of the front page of your passport and upload it
    e. Take a selfie holding your passport showing the front page
  4. Go back to home page
  5. Select tab “Your services”
    a. Tap on “Activate your Pass tokens” > More info
    b. The screen shows required fields
    c. If all required fields are already filled, the button “Register” is enabled
    d. Tap “Register”
    e. In the next screen, select available certificates to add to registration
    f. Certificates are optional, whitelisting can be done without providing certificates 
    g. If a user already whitelisted an address before, he can provide the certificate that was issued by the PASS token Activation service to speed up verifications
    h. Confirm information and upload to the Pass activation service
  6. The mobile web browser is launched with the url
  7. Read and agree to token terms
  8. In the form displayed in the next step, input and submit the Ethereum address where the PASS tokens are held
  9. A Blockpass operator reviews the passport and selfie of the user. If pictures don’t match, whitelisting is rejected
  10. Operator checks if the Ethereum address provided holds pass tokens. If not, whitelisting is rejected
  11. Operator checks if address is already whitelisted. If so, whitelisting is rejected
  12. If all checks are ok, a certificate is issued stating that pictures were verified
  13. User is notified by push notification that a new certificate has been issued
  14. Operator sends a transaction to the blockchain to add the ETH address in a smart contract
  15. User is notified of success by push notification on his mobile phone
  16. PASS tokens held in the whitelisted address can now be transferred

Address Activation Result

When user profile is accepted a push notification is sent to the mobile device
 “The selfie matches the picture on the passport.”

When user ETH address has been activate in the blockchain
A push notification is sent to the mobile device
“Your ETH address 0x123…456 has been successfully activated”

User can transfer PASS token

When a profile is incomplete or address cannot be activated
user receives a push notification on the mobile device.
Ex: ETH address is missing, Address does not hold pass tokens, selfie does not match the passport,…

Identity Creation

Building Your Profile

PASS Token Activation

Mobile Browser Launched with