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3 min readNov 18, 2022


All great companies and projects have been through those hard times when they were not great, the hard time may be happening to you.
Their hands used to be tied up by the limited budgets, running on coffee to stay sober to build at late night, racking brains on how to make the impossible possible. The elbow grease is especially significant in the blockchain industry because builders have to consider the unique issue of a blockchain project, how to get the on-chain data timely.

However, we have to admit that one of the common senses is that the early stage is crucial for a project. Developers are able to unlock creativity and productivity when they could get a strong backing, particularly in blockchain infrastructure. BlockPI Network is always supporting the blockchain industry as a Web3 native infrastructure. One of the infrastructure missions is to lower the barriers to entry to the industry, therefore, we decided to launch a Web3 Startup Program to help startups grow and be great!

What’s included in the BlockPI Startup Program?

  • BlockPI Startup Credits. Our Web3 Startup Program offers up to $1000 credits to startup projects, the credits are redeemable for any packages of BlockPI API service for free. Use all your energy and creativity to the project, not the infrastructure.
  • Tech Support. You also get dedicated support from our experienced tech team. There will be a dedicated telegram group for you to answer your technical questions.

What startups are eligible for the BlockPI Startup Program?

We welcome developers to apply to Web3 who have received funding, won a hackathon or grants including donations from DAO such as Gitcoin. All Exchange Launchpad /IEO/IDO projects are also eligible. Maybe you are building on non-Profit tools or public goods, we are glad to help!
If you are none of the above, but you are building something novel. Welcome to submit your application form. We are glad to help startup builders! It will be great if you have a verifiable demo of the project or a website. Apply now.

Our Partners

We do have the ambition to support the blockchain industry, but we cannot do it alone. Besides, do it all alone seems not the typical Web3 way. Fortunately, our partners share the consistent view of frosting the industry with us.

The BlockPI Web3 Startup Program was supported by our partners, NGC Ventures, Hashkey Capital, Continue Capital, SNZ Holding, Shima Capital, CMS Holdings, Old Fashion Research, LD Capital, Math Wallet, StaFi Protocol, and LucidBlue Ventures. Thanks!

Be part of BlockPI Web3 Startup Program

We are open for various kinds of collaboration. If you are a VC, public chain or any project who wants to power the Web3 beginners, contact us. Please email Let’s BUIDL together!

About BlockPI

BlockPI Network is a distributed multichain acceleration layer, engaging in an accessible and decentralized Web3 environment. The BlockPI provides efficient, reliable and high performance decentralized API service for Web3 builders.

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A distributed multi-chain acceleration layer, providing high performance and reliable RPC services for Web3.