German Blockchain Award 2021 — The most anticipated blockchain competition of the year

About the event

The German Blockchain Award 2021 was designed by BLOCKROCKET to honour the best early-stage blockchain startups whose focus is in Germany.

Event: “German Blockchain Award 2021”

Date: December 8, 2021, 9:00 AM — 12:00 PM

Format: Online talk via Zoom; Zoom dial-in URL will be sent previously to the online talk.

Which startups can apply for the award? Startups whose primary focus is on the German market, or want to expand their market to Germany.

Audience: 500+ leading executives, founders, and investors from the blockchain ecosystem in Germany.

Setup: The event consists of three different categories: Pre-Seed, Seed, and Series A.

Pre-Seed Stage: Blockchain startups with less than 200,000 EUR in funding OR revenue.

Seed Stage: Blockchain startups with more than 200,000 EUR in funding OR revenue, but who have not raised their Series A yet.

Series A Stage: Blockchain startups with more than 1,5 million EUR in funding or clear signs of product/market fit.

Voting: Each category consists of 10 startups (in the respective stage) and 5 jury members (mix of experienced blockchain VCs and angel investors). Our audience and jury will vote together for the winners of the award.

Application Process: Startups can apply through our program page, we will then pick the best startups to participate in the event. Nominated startups will prepare a 60-second video pitch that we can share on our Linkedin and Twitter accounts prior to the event. We also have a dedicated Whatsapp group for discussion about the event and around the topic of Blockchain Entrepreneurs.

Competition is more fun with your friends and supporters! That’s why we’ve come up with a Nomination Process. We encourage startups in the blockchain ecosystem to nominate at least 3 startups that they think are qualified to join this competition, by sharing our Linkedin and Twitter posts, tag the name of the startups you want to nominate, using the hashtags #Germanblockchainaward2021 #blockchain #startup #venturecapital #investment #founder #investor #cryptocurrency #crypto #NFT.

Award: The winning startups will receive a prize package including an NFT and its physical representation.

Event link:

Our Agenda

The COVID pandemic has changed the narrative of how many early-stage startups had to find ways to sustain themselves throughout 2021. So it’s even more impressive to see how some of these startups evolved throughout tough times and managed to push their momentum.

In order to sum up the highlights of the year and honor some of the best early-stage startups that we have seen to touch base in the blockchain space in Germany, we want to organize an event with a special agenda:

Part I) Elevator Pitch:

No matter how complex a business model might be, it’s always a tough challenge for each founder to simplify their elevator pitch when they want to share their idea. So, for each category, we give 10 startups the opportunity to present their elevator pitch in 60 seconds, before the audience votes (live) for the top 3 startups.

Part II) Deep Dive:

Once the top 3 startups for each category are chosen, each of them has 5 mins to pitch their company more in detail, with a 5 min Q&A follow-up from our jury. In the end, our jury (and only our jury) will then vote for the winner of each award category.

Our Schedule

09:00–09:15 Introduction

09:15–09:25 Elevator pitches of 10 finalists (Pre-Seed Stage)

09:25–09:30 Audience voting for the top 3 (Pre-Seed Stage)

09:30–10:00 Startup pitches and Q&A of the top 3 (Pre-Seed Stage)

10:00–10:10 Elevator Pitches of 10 finalists (Seed Stage)

10:10–10:15 Audience voting for the top 3 (Seed Stage)

10:15–10:45 Startup pitches and Q&A of the top 3 (Seed Stage)

10:45–10:55 Elevator Pitches of 10 finalists (Series A)

10:55–11:00 Audience voting for the top 3 (Series A)

11:00–11:30 Startup pitches and Q&A of the top 3 (Series A)

11:30–12:00 Jury voting and announcement of the award winners (Pre-Seed, Seed and Series A)

Apply here to pitch your startup

Do you want to be part of our award ceremony this year and pitch your blockchain startup in front of the blockchain community in Germany? Then apply here, we will invite the most promising startups to pitch their idea:

Apply here by filling out this form on our website (5 min.)

Please note that startups that are already part of the BLOCKROCKET program have a higher chance of admission. Visit to get more information about the BLOCKROCKET’s acceleration program for blockchain startups and how to apply.


BLOCKROCKET is the leading accelerator program for early-stage blockchain startups. We invest in pre-seed and seed startups with investment tickets ranging from 100k - 500k. We are based in Germany but invest in talented blockchain startups from around the world.

Want to find out more about our program? Then please visit our website or reach out directly to us:



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