German Blockchain Award 2021: Who are the winners?

3 min readDec 10, 2021

About the event

The German Blockchain Award 2021 was designed by Blockrocket to honor the best early-stage blockchain startups that are present in the DACH region.

On December 8th, 30 blockchain startups competed in three different categories (Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A) in front of 500+ leading executives, founders, and investors from the blockchain ecosystem in Germany. You can watch the video online here.

Fiery Competition

During the Elevator Pitches, each startup had only 60 seconds to impress the audience. No matter how complex a business model might be, it’s always a tough challenge for each founder to simplify their elevator pitch when they want to share their idea. In each of the three categories, 10 prominent startups needed to find the quickest way to get their ideas across and persuade the audience to vote for them during the live session.

After the best 3 startups for each category were selected, each of them had 5 mins to pitch their company more in detail, with a 5 min Q&A follow-up from our jury. In the end, our jury voted for the winner of each award category.

Who are the winners?

After two exciting rounds, our moderators announced the winners of the 3 categories. Let’s find out who they are!

Category: Pre-seed

1. Vikas Bhola, Co-Founder and CEO of DropStar

2. Leo Hilse, CEO and Founder of styleXchange

3. Praveen Anasuya, Co-Founder of Saraverse

Category: Seed

1. Georg Müller, CFA, Founder of B.A.M Ticketing GmbH

2. Olaf Cordt, Founder of CO2DAO Association

3. Mina Kordi, Co-Founder of Tracifier

Category: Series A

1. Adriana Taseva, Chief Operating Officer at AdHash

2. Tim Dierckxsens, CEO and Co-Founder of Venly

3. Phong Dao, MBA, Co-Founder and CEO of iVE.ONE

Together with our portfolio startup Venly, we will send exclusive NFT awards to our winners, which will also come along with a white leather gift box containing the physical representation of the NFT awards itself!

About Blockrocket

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