Watch Pictures/Video Of 2016 4Real Records Peace Football Match(Tiafa-Accra)

Football for Peace is a diplomatic sports movement that creates dialogue and unites people. 4Real Records contribution to peace is to influence diplomatic, social and political relations by creating neutral environments through peace tour, to inspire people.

The game was played between ‘’Burkina market stars and 4Real Records Ghana, bringing together both international and local staff on an exciting challenge.

‘’Football for Peace has implemented many successful initiatives around the globe. Today, our organisation is working closely with local and international communities to help promote continual dialogue and advocate for peaceful Election. The soccer match was aimed at demonstrating “that they(4real records) are capable of making peace with a game, with art,” he said (4real records manager), adding that he’s doing this for PEACE.”

We feel deeply encouraged by 4real records Ghana to host a historical peace football match.

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