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We have recently worked closely with BLOCKLOAN to refine the utility and ecosystem behind the BLL coin. For an in-depth report on the BLOCKLOAN platform and the BLL coin, click here.

BLOCKLOAN and the BLL Token — Summary

BLOCKLOAN Incentivizes Adoption, Referral, and Staking of BLL Tokens

BLOCKLOAN, positioning itself as the preeminent blockchain credit infrastructure for consumer lending and margin lending combined with a robust Token Economy, has created an ecosystem that incentivizes exchanges, community groups and users to refer new users, reward customers for staking and using BLL tokens through fee discounts and encourages early adoption of the platform. …

Cross-Platform E-commerce Buying Service Powered by Blockchain and Backed by a Listed Company

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We worked closely with AORA to refine the utilities and ecosystem behind the AORA coin. For an in-depth report on AORA and the AORA coin, click here.

First ICO by an SGX-Listed Company in Singapore

Background on Y Ventures: Existing Market Player; Strengths in Data-Analytics Driven E-Commerce

Y Ventures is a data analytics driven e-commerce retailer and distributor headquartered in Singapore. It drives sales for third party brands on online marketplaces including Amazon, eBay, Qoo10, Lazada and Tokopedia using its data analytics capabilities, such as the use of demand trends, pricing intelligence, consumer sentiment and market competition analyses to enhance sales. The Company is listed on the SGX Catalist Board (YVEN:SP) following an IPO in July 2017 (“Company”). …

Compliments to Acudeen for a commendable first day.

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We have been working with Acudeen since the beginning of the year to establish their ACU token ecosystem, economics and funding for the ICO. To view the full in-depth report on Acudeen, click here.

Last Friday, Acudeen successfully listed its ACU token on the BTCEXA Exchange at an initial list price of US$0.005. On the first day of trading, the price closed at 0.0069 — representing a 26% gain. With 10 billion tokens on issue, this gives Acudeen a total market capitalization of US$69 million.

Congratulations are in order.

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Earlier in the year, we started working with Õpet as we realized its potential to unlock educational philanthropy through AI and blockchain technologies. In June, by working together with Õpet on the token economics behind the OPET token and it’s utilities, we published a 32 paged in-depth report on Õpet and its OPET token which can be accessed here.

We believe that the OPET token has the potential to reach US$9.2 by FY2021 driven by a large unmet underlying demand for cost-efficient intelligent education aids and secure tamper-proof systems for the management of confidential student data. …


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