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An Ethereum-based domain name system

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On past October 1st control of ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) passes from the jurisdiction of the United States. Oversight by the US Commerce Department has been replaced by what is euphemistically known as a the “multi-stakeholder model”, thus ending the automatic guarantee of first amendment protection for all users.

The time has come for a change. Today I would like to announce a project called Nebulis, which is an Ethereum-based domain name system which uses IPFS as the storage and transport layer and the Ethereum blockchain for core DNS utility.

The idea for Nebulis as emerged as an Ethereum Fellow for Exosphere in Chile and have developed most of the code there. The Nebulis project aims to build a new, decentralized internet, which involves not only using a new storage and transport protocol to replace HTTP (which in our case is IPFS) but also a new blockchain-based DNS and a replacement for the IP addressing system. The latter project focusing on IP addressing and core networking is called Melange and is primarily the project of Harsh Patel, who I’m working with on this project. Visit to read the Memorandum.