A technical research paper describing the design and implementation of Blockstack’s global naming and storage system was published at the USENIX Annual Technical Conference (ATC) 2016. USENIX ATC is a top-tier publication venue in computer systems and has been attracting some of the leading experts and researchers since 1992.

This work is a collaboration between Prof. Michael J. Freedman at Princeton University and engineers from Blockstack Inc. …

Microsoft is beginning work with Blockstack Inc to collaborate on an open source blockchain application stack, called Blockstack, which provides services for identity, authentication and storage without putting any single party in control. The Blockstack technology secures information using blockchains and enables an open, interoperable system that transcends borders, organizations, and companies.

Microsoft will make it easy to deploy new Blockstack servers and infrastructure on the Azure cloud and plans to integrate Blockstack with some internal systems for identity and authentication. With the Blockstack technology users are in complete control of their usernames and data and don’t need to trust…

Blockstack Inc

Blockstack is an application stack for decentralized, server-less apps secured by the blockchain. See http://blockstack.com

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