Blockstack Inc Partners with Microsoft

Microsoft is beginning work with Blockstack Inc to collaborate on an open source blockchain application stack, called Blockstack, which provides services for identity, authentication and storage without putting any single party in control. The Blockstack technology secures information using blockchains and enables an open, interoperable system that transcends borders, organizations, and companies.

Microsoft will make it easy to deploy new Blockstack servers and infrastructure on the Azure cloud and plans to integrate Blockstack with some internal systems for identity and authentication. With the Blockstack technology users are in complete control of their usernames and data and don’t need to trust any third party for their information. We appreciate Microsoft’s committed to making the Internet a more secure and user-centric place and to promote open-source software development. Our collaboration on the open-source Blockstack technology will enable Microsoft engineers and developers around the world to quickly get started with this new technology and begin exploring how Blockstack’s identity and authentication services can benefit their applications.

We’re also collaborating with Consensys on a cross-blockchain solution for global namespaces. We believe that a global identity system should not be dependent on any particular blockchain and users should be able to migrate from one blockchain to another, if needed. Along these lines, we plan to work with Consensys to add Ethereum support to the Blockstack server.

We believe that blockchains can fundamentally transform the security of Internet applications and services and we are excited to contribute to a leading open-source project in this space. We believe that our collaboration can result in the betterment of the Web, and more importantly, the lives of real people.

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