What is BlockStorage?

BlockStorage is a protocol to connect and abstract all communications with blockchain to store your files there.

We basically provide a simple way to save your files on blockchains of your preference. Using our protocol you can save your files at Ignis, Doge, Bitcoin, or any other blockchain. Having guaranteed:

  • Full security for your files.
  • Two levels of data compression.
  • You don’t need to pay anything for stored files. You only pay a fee for each transaction made in order to store.
  • You can access your files as many times as you want, without paying anything for it.
  • Reuse as you like without suffer for block storage protocols.

We already have a MVP running on 2 blockchains , we will share this samples on our github.

How does it work?

You pick the file you want to send out, select your RSA key, choose for witch blockchain you want send it to (Ignis, Doge, …) and Blocks takes care of the rest.

First, we compress and then encrypt your file using the RSA key you chose.

The we communicate with the chosen blockchain and send the encrypted file.

You get a “hash block”, that is a identification of your file.

In possession of the hash block and the RSA key you can find and decrypt the file wherever and whenever you want.

Visit us at https://blockstorage.io/.