AntShares (recently re-branded as NEO), a relatively new crypto, has been enjoying a meteoric rise in value in the past month, and as such we should explore why NEO has enjoyed its rise in price — closing in on a $1 billion market cap.

Partnerships Fueling the Rise of AntShares

NEO, previously AntShares is a Chinese-run blockchain similar to the Ethereum blockchain. Part of their success is due to their partnerships with some high profile entities such as Microsoft, Alibaba, as well as having support from the Chinese government, which is always a boost to consumers’ confidence when a country’s government gets behind a project.


We all want online voting. But it’s just not secure enough yet.

Forbes recently published an article about the possibility of using blockchain technology to secure elections. With all of the recent talk about hackers targeting U.S. election systems and blockchain hype cycle in full effect, this seems like a natural story to appear. Considering we have been working on a blockchain voting machine for almost two years now, we felt it necessary to chime in.

What was the article’s conclusion? The blockchain is not a magic bullet that can solve the troubles associated with online voting. Dr. Jeremy Clark, a cryptographic voting systems specialist at Concordia University stated, “A [sic] voting…

The answer may surprise you…

An Amazing High Quality Illustration.

One of the key features of the voting machine technology we are developing is the use of the blockchain to create what we think is the most transparent, secure voting system possible. But what exactly is it about blockchain technology that makes its application to elections such an exciting proposition? So glad you asked!

You don’t necessarily need to know how blockchain technology works in order to appreciate what it makes possible and why it so exciting.

Decentralization & Open Participation:

The beauty of the blockchain is that it is open to anyone and there is no company or organization…

There’s a lot of fancy bells and whistles available, but what really matters when it comes to determining the will of the people?

It would be great if everyone eligible to vote automatically received access to an official website/app they can use to vote in any and all elections they are eligible to vote in. Archaic voter registration processes, standing in line at polling sites, and confusing ballots seem so 20th century. Surely something can be done to bring elections into the 21st century with all of the fancy new technology we have available, right?

Unfortunately, it will be a long time before we see Internet Voting used in government elections. It’s not because the government is slow to change or dislikes new…

A reflection on elections, voting machines, and our experience with the Libertarian Party.

Image: The Libertarian Part of Texas’ 2016 State Convention, where Blockchain Technologies Corp. was chosen to service their balloted elections.

There are undoubtedly many problems with the election process in the U.S. Many of the issues are systemic and beyond the scope of a single company to address. We don’t want to sit around and do nothing, however — the journey of a million miles begins with a single step.

America’s voting machines are out of date, insecure, difficult to use, and largely supplied by a single vendor whose vote-counting software is proprietary — i.e. its inner-workings are a secret…

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